Bridging the Gap Between the Study and Practice of Law: Responding to Marcia L. McCormick, From Podcasts to Treasure Hunts—Using Technology to Promote Student Engagement

Does the Socratic method have any place in modern legal education? Journal staff member Lauren Rouse responds to Marcia McCormick’s article “From Podcasts to Treasure Hunts—Using Technology to Promote Student Engagement” from last year’s volume of the Saint Louis University Law Journal. Continue Reading →

Lillian Lewellen v. Chad Franklin and National Auto Sales: Missouri Supreme Court Unanimously Finds Mandatory Caps on Punitive Damages in Certain Cases Unconstitutional

Online Editorial Board member Liz Washam discusses a recent Missouri Supreme Court finding that mandatory caps on punitive damages in certain cases are unconstitutional. Continue Reading →

United States v. Walker: The Meaning of Not Less Than 15 Years

Looking to legislative history and early jurisprudence, Journal member T.J. Matthes critiques a recent decision of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals holding that the “not less than 15 years” language in the Armed Career Criminal Act allows a judge to impose a sentence of more than 15 years. Continue Reading →

Chicago Insurance Company v. Archdiocese of St. Louis: Interpreting Liability Under Indemnification Clauses in Light of First Amendment Religious Protections

Journal member Jody Hanson applauds the Eighth Circuit’s recent handling of a case involving the separation of church and state in the context of religious indemnification insurance. Continue Reading →

Jay-Z’s 99 Problems Turns 10 Years Old This Month – Comments from Caleb Mason, Author of a Law Review Essay on the Song

Caleb Mason, now of Miller Barondess, LLP, but formerly a federal prosecutor and law professor, published a wildly popular law review essay on Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” in Volume 56, No. 2 of the SLU Law Journal. In honor of the song’s 10 year anniversary (the date of first release was April 27, 2004), Caleb answered a few of the Online Editorial Board’s questions about his Essay and the depiction of the criminal justice system in pop culture in general. Continue Reading →