City of St. Peters v. Roeder: The Validity of Red Light Cameras

Wondering if you have to pay that red light ticket? Staff member Tyler Winn summarizes recent legal developments concerning red light camera enforcement systems and makes an argument that the Missouri legislature should intervene in determining the future of their use. Continue Reading →

John Coomer v. Kansas City Royals Baseball Corporation: Baseball Spectators Do Not Assume the Risk of Hotdog Injury

Just in time for the Kansas City Royals’ first appearance in the World Series since winning it all in 1985, staff member Shelby Hewerdine analyzes a recent Missouri Supreme Court ruling on spectator injuries and the so-called “Baseball Rule”. Continue Reading →

Bridging the Gap Between the Study and Practice of Law: Responding to Marcia L. McCormick, From Podcasts to Treasure Hunts—Using Technology to Promote Student Engagement

Does the Socratic method have any place in modern legal education? Journal staff member Lauren Rouse responds to Marcia McCormick’s article “From Podcasts to Treasure Hunts—Using Technology to Promote Student Engagement” from last year’s volume of the Saint Louis University Law Journal. Continue Reading →

Lillian Lewellen v. Chad Franklin and National Auto Sales: Missouri Supreme Court Unanimously Finds Mandatory Caps on Punitive Damages in Certain Cases Unconstitutional

Online Editorial Board member Liz Washam discusses a recent Missouri Supreme Court finding that mandatory caps on punitive damages in certain cases are unconstitutional. Continue Reading →