Morality’s Present (and Future) Place in Law: A Response to Bruce P. Frohnen’s, The Irreducible, Minimal Morality of Law: Reconsidering the Positivist/Naturalist Law Divide in Light of Legal Purpose and the Rule of Law

Staff member Lauren Gamel critiques a claim about the interdependence of law and morality from Bruce Frohnen’s article published last year in Vol. 58, No. 2. Continue Reading →

Revisiting “Who Should Count” in the Context of Tort Reform

The 2014 Childress centered around the question, “who counts?” Staff member Paul Rademacher both analyzes SLU Professor Chad Flander’s response to that question and takes a swing at answering it, himself. Continue Reading →

Lincoln Provision, Inc. v. Puretz: Disassociating Member Not Entitled to One-Half of LLC’s Value

In her description of a recent Eight Circuit decision, staff member Ekaterina Lyashenko stresses that, “[a]ttorneys should advise their clients that planning for an exit strategy is just as important as setting up the initial venture.” Continue Reading →

Origins of Municipal/County Authority: Reconciling the Dissent in Missouri Bankers Association, Inc. v. St. Louis County with Koster’s Lawsuits Against County Municipalities

“Missouri May I?” Staff member Joe Welling discusses a recent decision on the limits of municipalities’ legislative powers, and whether it will play a role in an upcoming suit over several municipalities’ retention of excessive traffic fines. Continue Reading →