In re: Lawrence Hess: Night of the Plural Terror

Acknowledging that it is not yet upon us, staff member Vincent Heitholt warns of a “Plural Apocalypse” in which the precedential value of Missouri Supreme Court decisions may become unhelpfully murky. Read his account of an early omen of the Armageddon, In re: Lawrence Joseph Hess. Continue Reading →

Chochorowski v. Home Depot U.S.A.: The Enforceability of an Accidental Damage Waiver

If you have ever rented a piece of machinery for a home or gardening project, the rental agreement may have contained an Accidental Damage Waiver. Read staff member John Moore’s case summary of Chochorowski v. Home Depot U.S.A. to find out whether the Supreme Court of Missouri considers these waivers enforceable. Continue Reading →

Frontenac Bank v. T.R. Hughes, Inc.: Regulation B’s Applicability to Spousal Guarantees

Journal staff member Justin Ladendorf argues that as a result of the Court’s decision in Frontenac Bank v. T.R. Hughes, Inc., the ability to enforce a spousal guaranty may depend solely on whether the creditor’s claim is heard in state or federal court. Read on to find out how this decision may affect local creditors. Continue Reading →