Published Staff Members

Published Staff Members in Volume 59

Amy Berg – Understanding the Relationship between the Doctrine of Patient Exhaustion and Self-Replicating Technologies after Bowman v. Monsanto Co.

Maxwell Murtaugh – The PLRA’s Dividing Language: Statutory Interpretation and Applying the Attorney’s Fees Cap at the Appellate Level

Courtney Lang – The Maverick Theory: Creating Turbulence for Mergers

Jonathan Hoerner – A Failing School District and a Failing Statute: How Breitenfeld v. School District of Clayton and the Unaccredited District Tuition Statute Nearly Destroyed a Struggling School District and Disrupted the Education of its Students

T.J. Mathes – The Armed Career Criminal Act: A Severe Implication Without Explanation

Joyce LaFontain – Show-Me the Sun: How Missouri Can Support its Commitment to Renewable Sources of Energy Through Preemption of Local Zoning Ordinances

Jenna Huenger – University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center v. Nassar: The Supreme Court’s “Heads the Employer Wins, Tails the Employee Loses” Decision

Scott Meyers – Who’s the Boss: The Definition of a Supervisor in Workplace Harassment Under Vance v. Ball State University

Jim Ribaudo – Lane Change: The Need to Clarify McHaffie and Accept a Punitive Damages Exception

Ray Syrcle – Recess is Over: Narrowing the Presidential Recess Appointment Power in NLRB v. Noel Canning 

Vincent Heitholt – Meramec River Killing: State v. Crocker and Missouri’s First Foray into the National Debate on Self-Defense

Liz Washam – Diffusing Deadly Situations: How Missouri Could Effectively Remove Firearms from the Hands of Domestic Abusers


Published Staff Members in Volume 58

Brian Dziewa – USADA the Unconquerable: A Look at the One-Sided Nature of the United States Anti-Doping Arbitration Process

Justin Fezzi – Third Time’s a Charm: How the Uniform Law Commission Can Fit Series LLCs Into the Uniform Limited Liability Company Act

Debbie Sluys – Senne v. Village of Palatine: The Seventh Circuit’s Parking Ticket Payout

Jared Hausmann – “Audit the Fed” From an Austrian Perspective: Financial Reform through an Unholy Coalition of Unwitting Misesians

Ben Tiller – The Problems of Probable Cause: Meneese and the Myth of Eroding Fourth Amendment Rights for Students

James Bertucci – Apprendi-Land Opens its Borders: Will the Supreme Court’s Decision in Southern Union Co. v. United States Require Courts to Apply Apprendi to Restitution?

Natalie Stoltz – Reverse Payment Agreements: Supreme Court Finally Poised to Address This Precarious Pill

Ray M. Syrcle – Recess is Over: Narrowing the Presidential Recess Appointment Power in Canning v. NLRB

Joseph C. Vitale – Text Me, Maybe?: State v. Hinton and the Possibility of Fourth Amendment Protections over Sent Text Messages Stored in Another’s Cell Phone

Julie LaVille – A Warning Worth a Thousand Words: First Amendment Challenges to the FDA’s Graphic Warning Label Requirement

Published Staff Members in Volume 57

Christopher Bader – Peer-To-Peer File Sharing, Due Process, and the Judicial Role

Bliss Barber
– The New Face of Child Sex Crimes: “Elect or Instruct”

Garrett Broshuis
– Deterring Opportunism Through Clawbacks: Lessons for Executive Compensation from Minor League Baseball

Kristen Henke
– If It’s Not Broke, Don’t Fix It: Ignoring Criticisms of Supreme Court Recusals

Rob Hurtt
– Not Making Sales Has Never Paid So Well: Agency Deference and the FLSA’s Outside Sales Exemption in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Jonathan Pollmann
Myriad in View of the Dilution of the Doctrine of Purified Preexisting Products

David Reynolds
– Modernizing Underinsured Motorist Coverage in Missouri: Removing the Insurance Paradox Between Uninsured and Underinsured Coverage Via Legislative Action

Ashley Schawang
– Missing the Mark: An Examination of the Current Government Response to the Chinese Reverse Merger Dilemma

Cliff Smith
– Jurisdiction over Cyberspace: Personal Jurisdiction and Online Communities after J. McIntyre Machinery, Ltd. v. Nicastro

Justin Welply
– When, Where, and Why the First Amendment Protects the Right to Record Police Communications? A Substantial Interference Guideline for Determining the Scope of the Right to Record and for Revamping Restrictive State Wiretapping Laws

Zachary Wood
– Truly Clear: The Case for and Consequences of Expanding Padilla in Missouri in the Midst of the Public Defender Crisis

Lindsay Wuller
– Losing the Game: An Analysis of the Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association Decision and Its Ramifications in the Area of “Interactive” Video Games

Published Staff Members in Volume 56

Nathan Bader – Hats Off to Them: Muslim Women Stand Against Workplace Religious Discrimination in Geo Group

Steve Bosky – Defamation in the Internet Age: Missouri’s Jurisdictional Fight Begins with Baldwin v. Fischer-Smith

Greg DeLassus – Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting and the Future of State Immigration Laws

Mark Keaney – Examining Teacher Attitudes Toward Integration: Important Considerations for Legislatures, Courts, and Schools

Julie Newman – One Language, Many Realities: The Intersection of Language and Law in the Interpretation of Section 215(A)(3) of the Fair Labor Standards Act

Sarah Pohlman – Shooting from the Hip: Missouri’s New Approach to Defense of Habitation

Michelle Rich -–The Delinquent State: Illinois and Compliance with Workers’ Compensation Judgments

Michael Ross – Blow the Whistle at Your Own Risk: ERISA’s Retaliation Provision and the Dilemma of the ‘Unsolicited Internal Complaint’

Sarah Rupp – Making Room for Patient Autonomy in Health Information Exchange: The Role of Informed Consent

David Shields – East vs. West–Where are Errors Harmless? The Split Between the Third and Ninth Circuits’ Treatment of the Harmless Error Doctrine

Michael Storey – Explaining the Unexplainable: Excited Delirium Syndrome and Its Impact on the Objective Reasonableness Standard for Allegations of Excessive Force