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Full Time Faculty

John Ammann
McDonnell Professor of Justice in American Society
Jon Baris
Assistant Dean for Student Services
Matthew Bodie
Callis Family Professor
S. Canfield
Director of Appellate Advocacy
Miriam Cherry
Joseph Custer
Director, Law Library
Kelly Dineen
Assistant Professor of Health Law & Ethics
Isaak Dore
Monica Eppinger
Assistant Professor
Susan FitzGibbon
Senior Advisor to the Wefel Center for Employment Law
Chad Flanders
Assistant Professor
Bradley Fogel
Robert Gatter
Co-Director, Center for Health Law Studies
Jesse Goldner
John D. Valentine Professor of Law
Marcia Goldsmith
Associate Professor
Joel Goldstein
Vincent C. Immel Professor of Law
Thomas Greaney
Chester A. Myers Professor of Law
John Griesbach
Associate Professor
Amany Hacking
Supervisor, Externship Program
Justin Hansford
Assistant Professor
Malcolm Harkins
Distinguished Health Law Scholar
Patricia Harrison
Assistant Professor
Joyce Herleth
Director of Academic Support
William Johnson
Director, Center for International and Comparative Law
Samuel Jordan
Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development
Michael Korybut
Kerrin Kowach
Assistant Professor
Jacqueline Kutnik-Bauder
Associate Professor
Patricia Lee
Associate Professor
Jeffrey Lewis
Dean Emeritus
Yvette Liebesman
Associate Professor
Dana Malkus
Assistant Professor
Marcia McCormick
Director, William C. Wefel Center for Employment Law
Susan McGraugh
Associate Professor
Antonia Miceli
Director of Bar Exam Preparation
Kim Morse
Associate Director of Writing Support Services
Kelly Mulholland
Assistant Professor
Carol Needham
Emanuel Myers Professor
Henry Ordower
Elizabeth Pendo
Vice Dean
Karen Petroski
Associate Professor
Jeff Redding
Associate Professor
Brendan Roediger
Assistant Professor
Christine Rollins
Director, Legal Research and Writing
Kerry Ryan
Associate Professor
Amy Sanders
Assistant Director, Center for Health Law Studies
Karen Sanner
Assistant Professor
Ann Scarlett
Thomas Stewart
Director, Trial Advocacy
Aaron Taylor
Assistant Professor
Lisa Taylor
Director of Multicultural Affairs and Outreach
Stephen Thaman
Constance Wagner
Associate Professor
Cora Walker
Health Law & Policy Fellow
Anders Walker
Lillie Myers Professor
Sidney Watson
Jane and Bruce Robert Professor
Alan Weinberger
Douglas Williams
Molly Wilson
Associate Professor
Michael Wolff