Saint Louis University
Joyce Savio Herleth
Scott Hall 1082B


B.A., Saint Louis University, 1975
J.D., Saint Louis University School of Law, 1979


Fundamentals of Law
Legal Methods
Joyce Savio Herleth
Director of Academic Support

Professor Joyce Savio Herleth has been director of the Office of Academic Advising (formerly the Office of Academic Support) since 2000. Herleth provides students with the assistance and support they need to achieve success during their rigorous law studies. Through her courses and weekly workshops, she helps students acclimate to the legal learning environment. She offers instruction on such things as how to take Socratic notes, how to outline, how to establish discussion groups and how to study for exams.

Herleth meets with students individually or in small groups to discuss academic issues. On the SLU LAW Web site, she offers students guidance on everything from taking the bar exam, to class preparation, to focused briefs, to journaling research. She also has many PowerPoints and podcasts available for students.

In addition to teaching SLU LAW students, Herleth teaches an undergraduate course for Pre-Law Scholars, a select group of students who have expressed an interest in legal studies.

Herleth earned both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Saint Louis University. After earning her J.D. she clerked for Judge James L. Foreman, Chief Judge for the Southern District of Illinois. She then joined Harris, Dowell, Fisher & Harris where she practiced labor law for almost a decade. Before joining SLU LAW full time, Herleth taught legal research and writing part time, and, for several years, she was a hearing officer for the St. Louis City Civil Service Commission and the Metropolitan Police Department.