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Faculty in the News

Professor Goldstein Op-Ed on U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall
September 29, 2011

Professor Goldstein's op-ed on U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall appeared in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Marshall's retirement from the Court was 20 years ago this week.

Professor Goldstein on Gov. McDonnell in The Washington Examiner
September 28, 2011

Professor Joel Goldstein was interviewed by The Washington Examiner about Gov. Bob McDonnell's potential run for the vice presidency.

Professor Pendo Submits Comment to U.S. Access Board
September 28, 2011

Professor Elizabeth Pendo submitted a Public Comment supporting the United States Access Board’s proposed rule regarding accessibility guidelines for the design, construction, and alteration of pedestrian facilities in the public right-of-way [Docket Number: ATBCB-2011-0004, July 26, 2011].

Professor McGraugh Interviewed on Lethal Force by KMOV-TV
September 26, 2011

Professor Susan McGraugh spoke to KMOV-TV (CBS St. Louis) about homeowners' rights to use lethal force when confronted on their property.

Professor Parasidis in Compute Magazine
September 11, 2011

Professor Efhimios Parasidis was quoted in Compute Magazine on the ongoing legal battle between Google and Oracle.

Professor Flanders in Christian Science Monitor on Missouri Facebook Bill
September 8, 2011

Professor Chad Flanders spoke to the Christian Science Monitor about Missouri's proposed Facebook bill.

Professor Goldstein in American Lawyer Magazine
September 1, 2011

Professor Joel Goldstein was quoted in American Lawyer magazine about Walter Mondale's vice presidency.

Professor Goldstein Op-Ed on Libya in St. Louis Post-Dispatch
August 31, 2011

Professor Joel Goldstein's op-ed on President Obama's policy on Libya appeared in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Professor Goldstein on Romney's Run for President
August 29, 2011

Professor Joel Goldstein spoke to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review about presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Professor Watson Testimony on Medical Loss Ratio Requirements
August 26, 2011

Professor Sidney Watson presented testimony and written comments to the Missouri Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Regulation on the Affordable Care Act’s new Medical Loss Ratio requirements in the individual market. The medical loss ratio (MLR) gives consumers a straightforward calculation of how their premium dollars are present and sets a minimum level of spending on medical benefits and quality improvement at 80 percent in the individual and small group market. View the testimony here.

Professor Goldstein on VPs Biden and Cheney on WDEL-AM
August 25, 2011

Professor Joel Goldstein was interviewed by WDEL-AM in Delaware about Vice Presidents Biden and Cheney.

Professor Flanders in Christian Science Monitor
August 24, 2011

Professor Chad Flanders was quoted in the Christian Science Monitor about a Missouri law prohibiting teachers from using Facebook to contact students.

Professor Gatter Op-Ed on the Commerce Clause in St. Louis Post-Dispatch
August 23, 2011

Professor Robert Gatter wrote an op-ed on health insurance and the commerce clause appearing in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Professor Flanders on Facebook, Teachers and the Law
August 21, 2011

Professor Chad Flanders wrote an op-ed for the St. Louis Beacon on teachers' use of Facebook and the law.

Professor Miller Awarded SLU Research Grant to Study Health Courts in Mo.
August 18, 2011

Professor Eric Miller was awarded a grant as part of the Saint Louis University President's Research Fund, a SLU fund providing seed money for interdisciplinary research that may attract external grant funding. Miller’s grant will support the study of mental health courts in Missouri.

Professor Gatter Op-Ed on Bird Flu Complacency in Atlanta Journal-Constitution
August 17, 2011

Professor Robert Gatter's op-ed on the world's complacency on the bird flu epidemic appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Professor Branham Involved in ABA Resolution on Detention Ctr Accreditation
August 11, 2011

In August, the American Bar Association's House of Delegates approved a resolution to improve the standards and processes for accrediting correctional and detention facilities for adults and juveniles. The resolution, which includes "Key Requirements for the Certification of Correctional Accrediting Entities," was drafted by a subcommittee chaired by Visiting Professor Lynn Branham. Professor Branham served for 13 years as a member of the Commission on Accreditation, eight of those years as the ABA's representative. In 2010, the Pace Law Review published an article written by Professor Branham describing her proposal to certify correctional accrediting entities. The ABA resolution can be found here.

Professor Goldman to be Honored by The Missouri Bar
August 11, 2011

Professor Roger Goldman will be honored with the Spurgeon Smithson Award at the annual meeting of the Missouri Bar on Sept. 23. Recipients are Missouri judges, teachers of law and/or lawyers deemed "to have rendered outstanding service toward the increase and diffusion of justice among men. Read more about Professor Goldman's teaching and scholarship.

Professor Branham's Article Cited on
August 9, 2011

Professor Lynn Branham's paper "The Mess We're In" on prison reform was cited on

Professor Goldstein Op-Ed on the Value of the Vice Presidency
August 6, 2011

Professor Joel Goldstein's op-ed on the value of the vice presidency ran in The Bakersfield Californian .

Professor Watson Comments on the Affordable Care Act
August 3, 2011

Professor Sidney Watson recently submitted two sets of comments on proposed regulations implementing provisions in the Affordable Care Act on behalf of the Rural Policy Research Institute Rural Health Panel. Read the comments here and here. The RUPRI Rural Health Panel is a multidisciplinary team that provides science-based, objective policy analysis to federal policy makers. One set of comments is on Proposed Antitrust Policy Regarding Medicare Accountable Care Organizations. The other set of comments relates to proposed regulations for assuring patients have access to Medicaid services.

Professor Bodie Talks to about NBA Lockout
August 3, 2011

Professor Matt Bodie spoke to about the NBA lockout and ongoing labor disputes in professional sports.

Professor Goldstein Interviewed on VP Biden's role in Debt Talks
August 2, 2011

Professor Joel Goldstein spoke to WDEL-AM (Wilmington, Del.)about Vice President Joel Biden's role in debt talks.

Professor Watson in Roundtable with Secretary of U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services
August 1, 2011

On Aug. 1, Professor Sidney Watson participated in a Rural Roundtable hosted by Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to discuss key rural health issues and to help inform the work of the White House Rural Council. Professor Watson was identified as a key rural health stakeholder in Missouri because of her membership in the Rural Policy Research Institute Health Panel. The Round Table was held in Aurora, Mo. at the St. John’s Aurora Critical Access Hospital.

Professor Goldstein Op-Ed on Texas Gov. Rick Perry and the Vice Presidency
August 1, 2011

Professor Joel Goldstein's piece on Texas Governor Rick Perry's comments on the Vice Presidency ran on the History News Network.

SLU LAW Legal Clinics Director John Ammann Honored for Civil Legal Services
July 27, 2011

Director of the SLU LAW Legal Clinics and Professor of Law John Ammann will be recognized by Legal Services of Eastern Missouri on Aug. 30 during the annual "For the Common Good " annual awards event. Professor Ammann is being honored for providing civil legal services and equal access to justice for the low-income community through the work of the SLU Legal Clinics. Read the press release.

Professor Goldman's Contributions to Law Enforcement Guide Recognized
July 19, 2011

Professor Roger Goldman contributed to the development of the "Addressing Sexual Offenses and Misconduct by Law Enforcement: Executive Guide," which addressed criminal offenses as well as non-criminal sexual conduct that is inappropriate, unprofessional and damaging to the public confidence in a department. The guide was developed with support from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women and will be used by the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Professor Greaney talks Health Reform, Anti-Trust on Minnesota Public Radio
July 18, 2011

Professor Tim Greaney spoke to Minnesota Public Radio about health reform and anti-trust issues.

Professor Ammann Speaks to KMOX-AM about the Area Homeless
July 6, 2011

Professor John Ammann spoke to KMOX-AM (St. Louis) about local homeless squatters on the St. Louis Riverfront.

SpearIt's Op-Ed on Radical Islam in Prison in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch
June 30, 2011

SpearIt's op-ed on radical Islam in prisons appeared in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.