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Faculty in the News

Professor Parasidis on KV Pharmaceutical's New Prenatal Drug
March 10, 2011

Professor Efthimios Parasidis spoke to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch about KV Pharmaceutical's expensive new prenatal drug.

Professor Terry's Article Recognized by American College of Legal Medicine
March 9, 2011

Professor Nicolas Terry's article "Physicians and Patients Who “Friend” or “Tweet”: Constructing a Legal Framework for Social Networking in a Highly Regulated Domain," was recognized at the recent annual meeting of the American College of Legal Medicine Annual Conference in Orlando as one of the Top Ten Hits in Medical-Legal Literature 2010-2011.

Professor Ryan Recognized for Noteworthy Tax Law Article
March 9, 2011

Professor Kerry Ryan's article "Human Capital and Transfer Taxation" was highlighted by Tax Notes Today as one of 10 noteworthy estate and gift tax law review articles published in 2010.

Professors Flanders and Goldman Interviewed on Military Funeral Protests
March 6, 2011

Professor Chad Flanders and Professor Roger Goldman were interviewed by the St. Louis Beacon on funeral protests being considered protected speech under the First Amendment.

Professor Howard and U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on Military Funeral Protests
March 3, 2011

Professor Alan Howard discussed the legal implications of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling's on protests at military funerals and what that could mean for protests at the state and local levels with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Professor Flanders Article in "Conversations on Jesuit Higher Education"
February 28, 2011

Professor Chad Flanders' article "Controlled by a Creed?" appeared in the latest issue of "Conversations on Jesuit Higher Education."

Professor Goldner Invited to Speak at National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
February 25, 2011

Professor Jesse Goldner has been invited to participate in the working group "Facilitating Clinical Trials through Optimization of the IRB Process: Are Central IRBs the Solution?" sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) of the National Institutes of Health. The meeting will be held June 28-29 in Bethesda, MD. The Working Group will be chaired by Dr. Gordon Bernard, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and will consist of nearly 25 participants who will take part in the general discussions. Professor Goldner will speak on conflict of interest issues.

Professor Pendo Submits Comments on Acccessibility Issues
February 10, 2011

Professor Elizabeth Pendo recently submitted two public comments on the importance of accessible medical and diagnostic equipment for people with disabilities. The first was a public comment by letter dated January 24, 2011, supporting the Department of Justice’s adoption of standards and scoping requirements for accessible medical equipment in its proposed revisions to Titles II and III of the AD., The second was invited testimony to the United States Access Board by letter dated February 10, 2011, addressing the effect of inaccessible medical equipment on access to health care for people with disabilities, legal background, and recommended sources of reference for specification and scoping standards.

Professor Hacking Op-Ed on Revolution in Egypt
February 3, 2011

Professor Amany Ragab Hacking wrote an op-ed for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on the revolution in Egypt.

Professor Flanders Op-Ed on Death Penalty in the St. Louis Beacon
January 31, 2011

Professor Chad Flanders' op-ed on the death penalty appeared in the St. Louis Beacon.

Professor Goldstein Interviewed by on V.P. Biden
January 14, 2011

Professor Joel Goldstein spoke to Politico.comabout Vice President Joe Biden's evolving role as envoy to Afghanistan.

Professor Greaney Op-Ed on Possible Health Reform Repeal
January 12, 2011

Professor Tim Greaney wrote an op-ed in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on the possible repeal of the health care reform law.

Professor Goldstein on Departure of Biden's Chief of Staff
January 5, 2011

Professor Joel Goldstein spoke to the Los Angeles Times about the departure of Vice President Biden's Chief of Staff, Ron Klain. Professor Goldstein also discussed the matter on WDEL-AM (1150) in Wilmington, Del.

Professor Howard on the 10th Amendment
January 2, 2011

Professor Alan Howard spoke to Missouri Lawyers Weekly about a movement to reassert state sovereignty rights laid out in the 10th Amendment.

Professor Watson on Provisions in New Health Care Law
December 31, 2010

Professor Sidney Watson was quoted in the Columbia Daily Tribune on Missouri insurance companies contesting a provision of the new federal health care law.

Professor Goldstein's Review of Mondale's Memoir on Huffington Post
December 30, 2010

Professor Joel Goldstein wrote a piece for the Huffington Post website on Walter Mondale’s recent memoir.

Professor Flanders Op-Ed on Juvenile Parole
December 29, 2010

Professor Chad Flanders' op-ed on the future for juveniles denied parole appeared in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Professor Watson Testimony to the Missouri Department of Insurance
December 28, 2010

Professor Sidney Watson provided testimony to the Missouri Department of Insurance on whether Missouri insurers should obtain an exception to the medical loss ratio rules. Read the full testimony here.

Professor Salsich on Homeowners' Responsibility to Shovel Snow
December 25, 2010

Professor Peter Salsich was quoted in the St. Louis Post-Dispatchon homeowners’ legal responsibility for shoveling snow.

Professor Greaney Article Appearing in The New England Journal of Medicine
December 22, 2010

Professor Tim Greaney's article on Accountable Care Organizations appeared in the Perspective section of The New England Journal of Medicinewebsite.

Professor Walker on the Commerce Clause
December 20, 2010

Professor Anders Walker provided commentary on the constitutionality of the health care law for the History News Network.

Professor McCormick on Wal-Mart's Gender Discrimination Lawsuit
December 9, 2010

Professor Marcia McCormick participated in podcast discussing the largest discrimination lawsuit in U.S history on the Legal Talk Network.

Professor Goldner Interviewed about Evidence in Illinois Murder Case
December 9, 2010

Professor Jesse Goldner spoke to KSDK-TV (St. Louis) about hearsay in an Illinois murder case.

Professor Greaney Interviewed by The New York Times
November 20, 2010

Professor Tim Greaney spoke to The New York Times about mergers in the health care industry resulting from new health reform laws.

Professor Salsich Interviewed on St. Louis Municipality Issues
November 19, 2010

Professor Peter Salsich was interviewed by St. Louis Public Radio on regional planning and growth issues in St. Louis.

Professor Branham Op-Ed on Locally Grown Foods and Criminal Sentences
November 19, 2010

Visiting Professor Lynn Branham wrote an op-ed appearing in the Chicago Tribune on how criminals can work in the locally grown food movement to make food more accessible to the poor as part of their sentences.

Professor Watson Interviewed on Health Care Reform
November 18, 2010

Professor Sidney Watson was interviewed on St. Louis Public Radio about health care reform.

Professor Goldstein Interviewed About Delaware's Political Season
November 2, 2010

Professor Joel Goldstein was interviewed by the Delaware News Journal on the state's unique political season.

Professor Salsich on Amendment 3
November 1, 2010

Professor Peter Salsich was interviewed by St. Louis' KMOV-TV on Amendment 3, which would impose real estate sales tax on transferring real estate.

Professor Goldstein Interviewed on Sen. Muskie
October 30, 2010

Professor Joel Goldstein spoke to David M. Shribman on one of Sen. Edmund S. Muskie's most important speeches for a nationally syndicated column. The interview appeared in a variety of publications, including the Salem News.