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Faculty in the News

Eric Miller
January 28, 2008

Eric Miller's forthcoming article in the Houston Law Review, Judicial Preferences, was named "download of the week" on Lawrence Slolum's Legal Theory Blog in December 2007.

Sidney D. Watson
January 24, 2008

Professor Watson was in Jefferson City Jan. 23, 2008 to testify before the House Special Committee on Health Care Transformation on the proposed Insure Missouri program to provide HMO-style health insurance for working adults who don't qualify for Medicaid. Professor Watson's policy briefing on Insure Missouri was also featured that day in an article in the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch.

Michael A. Wolff
January 15, 2008

Michael A. Wolff , Missouri Supreme Court judge and a member of our adjunct faculty, will deliver the 14th Annual Justice William J. Brennan Jr. Lecture on State Courts and Social Justice at New York University School of Law on February 20, 2008. Judge Wolff’s topic will be “Evidence-Based Judicial Discretion: Promoting Public Safety through State Sentencing Reform”. The prestigious lecture series named in honor of Supreme Court Justice Brennan pays tribute to his “abiding vision of the independent responsibility of state courts to protect constitutional rights.”
The Dwight D. Opperman Institute of Judicial Administration, the Brennan Center for Justice, and New York University School of Law host the Brennan Lectures which are designed to “provoke reflection upon and celebration of the state judiciary – the bedrock of justice under law in the United States.”

Prof. Goldstein Discusses How Gov. Blagojevich's Trial Will Set Precedent for Future State Legislatures
January 13, 2008

Professor Joel K. Goldstein explains that the Illinois legislature is not only addressing the current situation but it is also setting precedents for future state legislatures to the St. Louis Beacon.

Susan McGraugh
January 9, 2008

Susan McGraugh was interviewed Jan. 9, 2008 about a Los Angeles Grand Jury investigation into the Myspace/Megan Meier suicide case for broadcast on KTRS radio and Metro Networks Radio News. She was also interviewed on the subject for an article published Jan. 11, 2008 in the St. Louis Suburban Journals.

Matthew Bodie
January 8, 2008

Matthew Bodie was featured in an article in the National Journal's Technology Daily, January 7, 2008, about a recent National Labor Relations Board ruling that will allow employees to be blocked from using company e-mail for "non-job-related solicitations," including union-related messages.

Anders Walker
January 7, 2008

Anders Walker was quoted in the Jan. 5, 2008 St. Louis Post-Dispatch on the rights of a pizza deliveryman to carry a weapon and Domino’s policy prohibiting employees from doing so.

Susan W. McGraugh
January 3, 2008

Susan W. McGraugh was interviewed on KTRS radio on allegations of juror misconduct in the trial of Kevin Johnson who was convicted in November in the murder of a Kirkwood police officer and could face a third trial if investigation proves juror withheld information from the court.

Howard Wasserman
December 28, 2007

Wall St. Journal sportswriter Stefan Fatsis quoted Howard Wasserman while discussing the New York Knicks’ treatment of fans on NPR’s All Things Considered.Listen to the Dec. 21, 2007 broadcast.

John O'Brien
December 28, 2007

John O’Brien was quoted in the Saint Louis Daily Record on client-attorney ethics involving a toxic clean-up site in Illinois.

Carol Needham
December 28, 2007

Carol Needham was quoted in the Saint Louis Daily Record on the merger of two major law firms based in St. Louis and Kansas City.

Eric Miller
December 21, 2007

Eric Miller is quoted in the Dec. 21, 2007 edition of USA Today on the growing use of alternative drug courts.

Matthew Bodie
December 19, 2007

Matthew Bodie was quoted in an article in the Dec. 19, 2007 edition of the Baltimore Sun on Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts’ confession that he used steroids.

Eric Miller
December 17, 2007

In testimony Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2007 before the House Judiciary Sub-Committee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Oversight Hearing on the Legacy of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, Eric J. Miller, Assistant Professor of Law at Saint Louis University, called for the debate on reparations to move beyond money. "Reparations is much more than...monetary restitution," Miller testified. "When not phrased in purely monetary terms, reparations offers an opportunity to explore our shared history to determine our mutual investment in each other....At bottom, reparations seeks to develop a more accurate understanding of the story of race in America."

Miller called for more vigorous investigations and public debate of the legacy of slavery as necessary first steps in the process of repairing past and present wrongs in American society.

Howard Wasserman
December 14, 2007

Release of the Mitchell Report on steroid use in Major League Baseball on Dec. 13, 2007 kept Howard Wasserman busy fielding questions from several media outlets. He was interviewed by Vic Porcelli, KTRS-AM radio, and hosted a live chat on

KMOX Radio interviewed Howard on the effects of the new Missouri law lifting bans on ticket scalping on Dec. 14, 2007.

Matthew Bodie
December 14, 2007

Matt Bodie weighs in on the Mitchell Report on PrawfsBlawg, Dec. 14, 2007.

Thomas Greaney
December 12, 2007

Thomas Greaney wrote an “Expert Diagnosis” for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on retiree health benefits, published Dec. 12, 2007.

David Sloss
December 7, 2007

David Sloss was a guest on WXTN-AM, Indianapolis, discussing the Supreme Court case (Boumediene v. Bush) challenging the rights of detainees held at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. David was interviewed by morning show host and SLU School of Law grad Abdul Hakin Shabazz '02 on Dec. 7. 2007.

Anders Walker
December 7, 2007

Anders Walker was a guest on the Mark Reardon Show, KMOX Radio, discussing the upcoming Supreme Court case on Washington D.C.’s handgun ban and interpretation of the Second Amendment. Broadcast Dec. 6, 2007.

Patricia Harrison
December 4, 2007

Patricia Harrison was interviewed on Fox2 News in the Morning about the constitutionality of a “Saggy Pants” Ban in Pine Lawn, Mo., Dec. 4, 2007.

Mark McKenna and Anders Walker
December 4, 2007

Mark McKenna and Anders Walker were interviewed by Charles Jaco on Fox2 News about the Megan Meier “MySpace-Suicide” Case on Dec.3, 2007.

Alan J. Howard
December 3, 2007

Alan J. Howard was quoted in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on a two-story mural in Soulard protesting eminent domain and the St. Louis ordinance that says it’s illegal.

Howard Wasserman
November 29, 2007

Howard Wasserman was interviewed for a report on the legalization of ticket scalping in Missouri on FOX2 News, Nov. 28, 2007.

Howard Wasserman
November 28, 2007

Howard Wasserman was quoted on about punishment for steroid offenders in professional baseball. The Washington Times quoted Professor Wasserman on Barry Bond's future in baseball.

Roger Goldman
November 27, 2007

KMOV-TV St. Louis investigative reporter Steve Chamraz relied on Roger Goldman's expertise in the area of law enforcement for a story about police officers with misconduct records working in various jurisdictions around St. Louis. The video aired Nov. 26, 2007.

Peter Salsich
November 26, 2007

Pete Salsich is a signatory to a November 2007 report, Residential Segregation and Housing Discrimination in the United States, examining performance by the U.S. of its obligations under the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.

Matthew Bodie
November 26, 2007

Matt Bodie is co-editor (with Samuel Estreicher) of a book, titled Workplace Discrimination, Privacy and Security in an Age of Terrorism, published in 2007 by Kluwer Law International.

Matt's article, Workers, Information, and Corporate Combinations: The Case for Non-Binding Employee Referenda in Transformative Transactions, was accepted by the Washington University Law Review for publication in March 2008. The subject of the article was the topic of a paper Matt presented at the Midwestern Law & Economics Association annual meeting held at the University of Minnesota on October 12-13.

Matt also presented a paper, titled Mother Jones Meets Gordon Gecko: The Complicated Relationship Between Labor and Private Equity, on September 29 at the Second Annual Colloquium for Labor & Employment Law held at the University of Denver and the University of Colorado law schools. The paper was selected for publication next year by the Colorado Law Review.

Lynn Branham
November 26, 2007

Lynn Branham's article, The Devil's in the Details': A Continued Dissection of the Constitutionality of Faith-Based Prison Units, will be published this spring in a symposium issue of the Ave Maria Law Review. The article is a follow-up to an earlier piece refuting misperceptions about faith-based prison units that Lynn published in the University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform.

Nan Kaufman
November 26, 2007

Nan Kaufman will give a talk on the subject of ethics to the Missouri Chapter of the State Bar of Wisconsin's Nonresident Lawyers Division on December 5.

Anders Walker
November 26, 2007

Anders Walker was interviewed twice on Nov. 20, 2007, the day the Supreme Court announced it would hear a case involving the District of Columbia's ban on handguns. The St. Louis Record interviewed Professor Walker and he was featured in a report by Charles Jaco on Fox2 News.