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Prof. Greaney's Insight on Antitrust Health Care Issues Is Delivered to President-elect Obama
December 9, 2008

Professor Tim Greaney authored the chapter on health care for the American Antitrust Institute's new book, The Next Antitrust Agenda: The American Antitrust Institute's Transition Report on Competition Policy to the 44th President of the United States. The book -- which details a policy agenda for antitrust law and offers specific suggestions for legislation and enforcement priorities to the next administration -- was recently published and delivered to President-elect Barak Obama.

Should Bill Clinton Return to Office as a New York Senator? Prof. Goldstein Offers His Opinion
December 5, 2008

Prof. Joel Goldstein explains that it would be beneficial to have someone with Clinton's experience and perspective in the Senate to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Professor Joel Goldstein on Joe Biden's Role as the Vice President
December 2, 2008

Prof. Goldstein explains that Biden will serve as a troubleshooter and sounding board for President Obama to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Professor Joel Goldstein Discusses Why the Sarah Palin Gamble Didn't Pay Off
November 18, 2008

Prof. Goldstein shares his thoughts on why Palin was a bad choice for John McCain in a column featured on The History News Network

How Will Obama Implement Change? Professor Joel Goldstein Explains
November 16, 2008

Prof. Goldstein offers predictions to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on how Obama will deliver "the change" he promised. The story also appeared on

Professor Joel Goldstein Comments on John McCain's Selection of Sarah Palin
November 15, 2008

Quoted in The Washington Independent about Sen. John McCain's choice of running mate Sarah Palin.

Professor Joel Goldstein Discusses Historical Significance of Barack Obama's Win
November 13, 2008

Professor Goldstein was quoted in an Associated Press story about the historical significance of Barack Obama's presidential win. The story ran in numerous media outlets across the nation, including USA Today, The San Diego Tribune and GMA News TV (Philippines.) He was also interviewed on XM Satellite Radio-POTUS about the presidential race.

Professor Jeff Redding Presents at 2008 Annual Conference on South Asia
November 12, 2008

Prof. Redding presented "Institutional Multiculturalism" at panel discussions on "Cultural Accommodation and Legal Pluralism in South Asia" and on "Adoption of Muslim Personal Law for South Asian Muslims in the West" at the Annual Conference on South Asia in Madison, Wis.

Professor Jeff Redding Participates in Panel Discussions on Dissecting Same Sex Marriage
November 12, 2008

Prof. Redding presented "Slicing the American Pie, Dissecting Same Sex Marriage" at a panel discussion on the "General Aspects and Social Consequences of Legalizing Same Sex Marriage" at Chapman University School of Law and also at the 2008 annual meeting of the American Society of Comparative Law panel discussion on "Can the Rest Learn From the West?" in San Francisco.

Professor Joel Goldstein Comments on the Role of Vice-President Elect Joe Biden
November 12, 2008

Quoted in USA Today about the future role of vice president-elect Joe Biden.

Professor Bradley Fogel Elected to American College of Trusts & Estates Counsel
November 10, 2008

The association invites professors and attorneys who have made substantial contributions to the field of trusts and estates law.

Prof. Goldstein Participates in Live Streaming Coverage of Election 2008
November 4, 2008

Prof. Goldstein participated in analysis of election issues, races, trends and results, through KETC's Nine Network Election Central Live Streaming.

Professor Goldstein Comments on the Role of the Vice Presidency
October 27, 2008

A Letter to the Editor, "Constitutionally, the Vice President Is a True Executive" was published in The New York Times
October 28
Interviewed by Delaware radio 1150AM WDEL
October 27
Interviewed by Joy Cardin on Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR)
October 24
Interviewed by The Boston Globe about the future and past roles of the vice presidency.
Wrote article that was published in St. Louis Beacon

Professor Goldman Discusses the New Session of the Supreme Court
October 22, 2008

Featured panelist on “Legal Roundtable,” moderated by Don Marsh on KWMU’s St. Louis on the Air

Professor Walker Awarded Top Prize for AALS Criminal Justice Junior Scholars Competition
October 22, 2008

The Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law selected an article by Anders Walker titled "The Anti-Case Method: Recovering the Hidden History of Criminal Law" as the winner of the AALS Criminal Justice Section's Junior Scholars Paper Competition. Anders will receive the award Jan. 9 at AALS' annual meeting in San Diego.

Prof. Greaney's Antitrust Expertise Sought
October 13, 2008

Greaney was quoted by Amy Lynn Sorrel in AmedNews, the American Medical Association's newspaper, on recent court decisions involving antitrust challenges to efforts to block specialty hospitals.

Greaney was interviewed for a radio news report on the same subject by American Medical News on the "Reach MD" Program on XM Radio Chanel 157.

Professor Pendo on Anti-Bias Laws
October 13, 2008

Professor Elizabeth Pendo spoke to the American Medical News about a case pitting anti-bias law against doctors' rights.

Many Seek Prof. Goldstein's VP Expertise
October 2, 2008

Interviewed by John Broder for The New York Times "Week in Review"
October 3
Interviewed by Michel Martin on NPR Tell Me More
Quoted in The New York Times, Le Figaro, impreMedia , WNBC New York , BBC Mundo, entorno, and USA Today
October 2
Previous evening's forum broadcast on Minnesota Public Radio
Contributor for the The Presidential Debate Blog
Interviewed by La Opinion , BBC Mondo, KMOX 1120 and Fox 2 KTVI, XM Radio's POTUS '08 Channel, BBC, Australian Broadcasting Company, Nowy Dziennik - Polish Daily News, and St. Louis Beacon
October 1
Participated in a forum "Power and Problems of the Vice Presidency" sponsored by the Center on the Economy, Government and Public Policy.
Interviewed by KSDK Channel 5
September 30
Interviewed by the Toronto Star and the National Norwegian News Service

Prof. Watson Interviewed About the State of Health Care in the Heartland
September 28, 2008

Prof. Sidney Watson was quoted in the Columbia Tribune and the Columbia Missourian about the state of health care in the heartland.
September 25
Watson was plenary speaker for the Missouri Rural Health Association Annual Conference in Jefferson City and spoke on Missouri HealthNet.
Watson spoke at a press conference in Columbia, Missouri to release a new study Watson co-authored. The report, Health Care in the Heartland, reports on the cost of health insurance among Missouri farmers and ranchers.
September 23
Sidney Watson was part of a panel discussion of the documentary “Critical Condition” which aired on the PBS series Point of View. The event was sponsored by KETC-TV and the Missouri Foundation for Health.

Prof. Goldstein's Reaches Many 'Students' via the Media
September 25, 2008

The University News profiles Joel K. Goldstein, his scholarship and passion for the vice presidency. Goldstein tells the SLU student newspaper, "There has been a lot of interest in the office (V.P.) this year. It's fun to talk to the media and reporters. It's another way to shape the public's insights into the office. It's like teaching to a larger classroom in a way. It makes you think about things from a different angle, and the effort to try to explain it really sharpens your thought."

Columnists Take Note of Prof. Goldstein
September 24, 2008

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, "Veep Peep," Deb Peterson column
NPR, Ken Rudin’s Political Junkie Column Political Fix by Jake Wagman

Joel Goldstein Prepares Audiences for the VP Debate
September 23, 2008

“From Throttlebottom to Cheney and Palin: The Modern Vice Presidency"
Noon, Room 02 SLU Law
Presented by the American Constitution Society
September 24
"Why the Vice Presidency Matters"
7 p.m., Washington University, Danforth University Center
Presented by the V.P. Debate Program Planning Committee
October 1
The Power and Problems of the Vice Presidency Panel Discussion,
7:30p.m., Washington University, Brown Hall, Rm. 118
Reservations required:
Presented by the Weidenbaum Center Forum

Professor Goldstein on Vice Presidents Past, Present and Future
September 19, 2008

St. Louis Beacon, “A Lesson in Political Civility and Serious Discourse”
September 20
The National Journal, "Next Vice President Will Inherit A Newly Powerful Office"
September 19
The Hill, "Palin won’t say whether veep is an executive post"

Supreme Court Decisions are Focus of Constitution Day Celebration
September 18, 2008

Major decisions from the Supreme Court's past term were reviewed by a panel of professors organized by Prof. Roger Goldman for the annual Constitution Day program. Law professors Susan McGraugh, Elizabeth Pendo, Ann Scarlett, Alan Howard and Eric Miller participated along with Prof. Steven Puro from SLU's Political Science and Public Policy department. The St. Louis Daily Record covered the event and ran a front page story in its Sept. 18 edition.

Prof. Goldstein on the 'Palin Effect' and Evolution of the VP
September 15, 2008

September 13, 2008
The Toronto Star, "Veep Power: The Next U.S. vice president will take over an office that has morphed from humble beginnings to what is now a power centre with increasingly elevated expectations"

Faculty Scholarship
September 15, 2008

Roger L. Goldman: The Resegregation Decisions and the New Federalism in Choosing Equality: Essays and Narratives on the Desegregation Experience (Edited by Robert L Hayman, Leland Ware, and with a Foreword by Senator Joe Biden.

Prof. Goldman on the Next President and the Supreme Court
September 15, 2008

KWMU-FM, St. Louis, "St. Louis on the Air, Legal Round Table" with Roger Goldman, William Freivogel and Mark Smith

Prof. Goldstein on the VP Selection Process; Cheney's Papers
September 8, 2008

The Washington Post, "Lawsuit to Ask That Cheney’s Papers be Made Public"
The Washington Post, "Second-Guessing The No. 2 Spot"
Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune, “From Roosevelt to Agnew”
WCF Courier, Waterloo, Iowa, "VP Debate Suddenly a Hot Ticket in St. Louis"
The Post Chronicle (blog), "McCain And "Sarah" Have It All Over Obama And Biden"
September 6
KTVI-TV, St. Louis, "The Jaco Report: VP Choices"
September 5
The Denver Post, "Palin Lights Fire under GOP Base"
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, "VP Debate is a Must See"
September 3
The Takeaway, radio program produced by WNYC, WGBH, BBC and the New York Times
September 2
The Atlantic, “The Eagleton Scenario”
WDEL Radio, Delaware
September 1, "Scholars Question Palin's Credentials"
August 30
The Globe and Mail (Canada), "A Vice-Presidential 'Hail Mary'","Sarah Palin: Is she Presidential?"
Sarasota Herald Tribune, "Crist isn't McCain's No. 2, but still gained exposure"
Saint Louis Post-Dispatch, "Alaska Governor Sarah Palin"
STL, "With his unconventional pick for veep, McCain throws a political curveball"
August 29
KMOX Radio, St. Louis

Prof. Watson Examines Health Care in Rural Missouri
September 5, 2008

KMST, Public Radio, Rolla, Mo. Sidney Watson was interviewed on the “Lawtalk” program about a study she co-authored, “Health Care in the Heartland” which analyzes a 2007 survey of Missouri farmers and ranchers about their health insurance and healthcare expenses.

Media Turn to Prof. Goldstein on Biden VP Selection
August 28, 2008

USA Today, "Analysis: VP Nominee Leads the Attack"
Sirius Satellite Radio, Indie Talk channel 110
August 27
Minneapolis Star Tribune, Op-Ed by Joel K. Goldstein, "Choosing a Running Mate on the Merits"
Delaware News Journal, "The Outlook for Biden as VP"
Newsday, “Obama Capitalizes on Biden's, Clinton's Experience”
South Jersey Courier Post, “Biden figures to attack GOP”
August 25
La Libre Belgique, “Dick Cheney a joue un role essentiel en amont”, Eric Black’s Ink column: “The Biden Selection: Some Reactions and Thoughts”
WDEL Radio, Delaware: live interview on Biden selection
August 24
The San Diego Union Tribune, "Obama has ticket for Denver"
Delaware News Journal, "Biden will be Delaware's First Veep Hopeful"
The Chicago Tribune, "In Biden, Obama Adds Heft"
August 23
BBC Newshour live interview following Obama-Biden speeches in Springfield, IL.
NPR Special Coverage of Obama-Biden speeches in Springfield, IL., live interview with Scott Simon
KMOX Radio, St. Louis VP democratic nominee announcement
XM Satellite Radio, interview on "POTUS" the presidential politics channel with Tim Farley