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What Role Will VP Joe Biden Play in the New Administration? Prof. Goldstein Offers His Insight
January 21, 2009

Professor Joel K. Goldstein explains that Vice President Joe Biden will likely forge a role both larger and smaller than most of his recent predecessors to the Courier-Post Online.

Prof. Goldstein Discusses the Significance and Symbolism of President Obama's Inauguration
January 21, 2009

The inauguration of President Barack Obama welcomes a recommitment to basic American ideals and principles as America faces its current challenges, Professor Goldstein explains in an article covering the significance of the 44th president's inauguration for the St. Louis Beacon.

President Obama's Inauguration Will Make History for its Symbolic Importance Explains Prof. Goldstein
January 19, 2009

The inauguration of President Barack Obama will be "doubly historic" because of America's history with respect to race Professor Joel K. Goldstein explains to Delaware Online.

Prof. Goldstein Provides Expert Analysis on Vice President Dick Cheney's Unprecedented Power
January 17, 2009

Professor Joel K. Goldstein discusses Vice President Dick Cheney's rise of unprecedented power and provides invaluable insight on how Walter Mondale began the transformation of the office and on how Cheney became the most powerful vice president in American history in a two-part series with NPR reporter Nina Totenberg. This story was aired on NPR's "All Things Considered." Here are the links to Part I and Part II.

Will a Bipartisan Approach Work for Obama? Prof. Goldstein on How It's Worked in Past Administrations
January 15, 2009

Professor Joel K. Goldstein offers insight on President Obama's ability to govern from the center and how a "hands-across-the-aisle" approach can be a successful legislating style to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Hon. Mike Wolff Urges President Obama to Make Major Changes in U.S. Sentencing Practices
January 14, 2009

Visiting professor and Missouri Supreme Court Judge Michael Wolff's letter to President Obama calling for major changes in state and federal sentencing practices — which have resulted in the United States imprisoning a larger percentage of its population than any other country — was covered in the St. Louis Beacon.

Prof. Goldstein Discusses How Gov. Blagojevich's Trial Will Set Precedent for Future State Legislatures
January 13, 2009

Professor Joel K. Goldstein explains that the Illinois legislature is not only addressing the current situation but it is also setting precedents for future state legislatures to the St. Louis Beacon.

Margaret Donnelly, '88, named as head of the Department of Health and Senior Services
January 11, 2009

Former state representative Mary Donnelly, '88, was recently named as the head of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services by Gov. Jay Nixon. St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Jake Wagman covers the announcement in "Political Fix."

Who has stronger legal standing: Burris or the Senate? Prof. Howard sheds expert light on the debate
January 9, 2009

Professor Alan J. Howard discusses the legal actions surrounding the Roland Burris situation — and explains why Burris has the stronger case on KMOX Radio.

Prof. Ammann Nominated as Lawyer of the Year by Missouri Lawyers Weekly
January 9, 2009

Missouri Lawyers Weekly recently nominated Professor John J. Ammann as its 2008 “Lawyer of the Year.” The publication honored Ammann for championing the cause of 80 Bosnians whose applications for citizenship were repeatedly delayed. Under Ammann’s leadership, the School of Law Legal Clinic persuaded the government to accelerate the naturalization process. Ammann was also recognized for his lifelong devotion to advocating for the disadvantaged.

Prof. Howard Offers Expert Analysis on Congress' Constitutional Authority to Exclude Burris
January 7, 2009

Professor Alan J. Howard asserts that Congress legally cannot keep Roland Burris from taking his seat, and that if the Senate excludes Burris from office, he has standing to challenge the Senate in an interview with KTVI-TV reporter Charles Jaco on FOX 2 News.

Will the U.S. Supreme Court Challenge Congress on Burris' Senate Seat? Prof. Goldstein Weighs In
January 6, 2009

Professor Joel K. Goldstein questions whether the Roberts Court is likely to challenge Congress on the Senate's ability to exclude Roland Burris in the St. Louis Beacon.

The Muzzle Is Off VP-Elect Joe Biden; Professor Goldstein Comments on the Record Silence
January 5, 2009

Professor Goldstein offers insight on why the Obama administration has kept Biden under wraps until now, explaining that the strategy lets the light shine brighter on the president-elect — and that Biden's reputation for gaffes and off-the-cuff quips weren't the only reasons behind the silent period to politico and

School of Law Graduate Robert Kenney Makes History at the Missouri Attorney General's Office
December 20, 2008

Robert Kenney, '99, was recently appointed by Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster as his chief of staff — elevating Kenney to the highest position an African-American lawyer has ever held in that office. Kenney's rise to partner at a major downtown law firm, his leadership at the Mound City Bar Association and his volunteer work with a number of community organizations were highlighted in a recent St. Louis Beacon article.

Sen. Biden Could Be Obama's Most Important Team Member, Prof. Goldstein Explains Why
December 19, 2008

Professor Joel K. Goldstein explains how former President Jimmy Carter and Vice President Walter Mondale transformed the vice presidency from "a national laughing stock to a true governing asset" — and why President-elect Barack Obama should create a Mondale model of the vice presidency to best tackle the nation's staggering challenges in an analysis he wrote for the St. Louis Beacon.

Justice Stevens Will Swear Sen. Biden in as VP, Prof. Goldstein Comments on the Selection Process
December 18, 2008

From the chief justice to speakers of the House, recent vice presidents vary on officiant selection, Professor Joel K. Goldstein explains to Delaware Online.

Professor Goldman Discusses Pressing Legal Issues on St. Louis on the Air
December 17, 2008

Professor Goldman was a featured panelist on KWMU-FM 90.7’s “Legal Roundtable.” He discussed significant U.S. Supreme Court 2008 rulings and debated if Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich actually committed a crime and if the recent sentence imposed on O.J. Simpson for armed robbery and kidnapping was too stiff on "St. Louis on the Air."

Professor Goldstein Questions Sen. Robert Byrd's Reelection as President Pro Tempore of the Senate
December 16, 2008

Prof. Joel Goldstein explains it's "very questionable" that Sen. Robert Byrd, 91, who recently stepped down as chairman of the Appropriations Committee, should have been reelected as president pro tempore of the Senate, a position that constitutionally puts him third in line for the presidency to Congressional Quarterly.

Prof. Greaney's Insight on Antitrust Health Care Issues Is Delivered to President-elect Obama
December 9, 2008

Professor Tim Greaney authored the chapter on health care for the American Antitrust Institute's new book, The Next Antitrust Agenda: The American Antitrust Institute's Transition Report on Competition Policy to the 44th President of the United States. The book -- which details a policy agenda for antitrust law and offers specific suggestions for legislation and enforcement priorities to the next administration -- was recently published and delivered to President-elect Barak Obama.

Should Bill Clinton Return to Office as a New York Senator? Prof. Goldstein Offers His Opinion
December 5, 2008

Prof. Joel Goldstein explains that it would be beneficial to have someone with Clinton's experience and perspective in the Senate to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Professor Joel Goldstein on Joe Biden's Role as the Vice President
December 2, 2008

Prof. Goldstein explains that Biden will serve as a troubleshooter and sounding board for President Obama to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Biden Will Be a Resource on National Security Issues, Professor Joel Goldstein Predicts
December 2, 2008

Prof. Goldstein offers insight into why Joe Biden will be a valuable resource for both President-elect Obama and Hillary Clinton, Obama's anticipated Secretary of State to Delaware Online

Law Student Aazra Ahmad Shares How 9/11 Motivated Her to Attend the School of Law
December 1, 2008

Ahmad discusses how the aftermath of the attacks made her rethink her life's work. She shares her story with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Professor Joel Goldstein Discusses Why the Sarah Palin Gamble Didn't Pay Off
November 18, 2008

Prof. Goldstein shares his thoughts on why Palin was a bad choice for John McCain in a column featured on The History News Network

How Will Obama Implement Change? Professor Joel Goldstein Explains
November 16, 2008

Prof. Goldstein offers predictions to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on how Obama will deliver "the change" he promised. The story also appeared on

Professor Joel Goldstein Comments on John McCain's Selection of Sarah Palin
November 15, 2008

Quoted in The Washington Independent about Sen. John McCain's choice of running mate Sarah Palin.

Professor Joel Goldstein Discusses Historical Significance of Barack Obama's Win
November 13, 2008

Professor Goldstein was quoted in an Associated Press story about the historical significance of Barack Obama's presidential win. The story ran in numerous media outlets across the nation, including USA Today, The San Diego Tribune and GMA News TV (Philippines.) He was also interviewed on XM Satellite Radio-POTUS about the presidential race.

Professor Jeff Redding Presents at 2008 Annual Conference on South Asia
November 12, 2008

Prof. Redding presented "Institutional Multiculturalism" at panel discussions on "Cultural Accommodation and Legal Pluralism in South Asia" and on "Adoption of Muslim Personal Law for South Asian Muslims in the West" at the Annual Conference on South Asia in Madison, Wis.

Professor Jeff Redding Participates in Panel Discussions on Dissecting Same Sex Marriage
November 12, 2008

Prof. Redding presented "Slicing the American Pie, Dissecting Same Sex Marriage" at a panel discussion on the "General Aspects and Social Consequences of Legalizing Same Sex Marriage" at Chapman University School of Law and also at the 2008 annual meeting of the American Society of Comparative Law panel discussion on "Can the Rest Learn From the West?" in San Francisco.

Professor Joel Goldstein Comments on the Role of Vice-President Elect Joe Biden
November 12, 2008

Quoted in USA Today about the future role of vice president-elect Joe Biden.

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