Saint Louis University

Black Law Students' Association

The purpose of BLSA is to utilize the collective resources available to the chapter for the creation and maintenance of a law school environment that is conducive to Black students’ effective study of the law by:

  • Articulating and addressing the academic, financial, political, social and professional needs of its membership
  • Fostering and encouraging professional competence 
  • Encouraging the increase in the number of Black students and addressing problems of attrition (should they exist)
  • Instilling in members a greater awareness and commitment to the needs of the Black community
  • Encouraging the increase in the number of Black faculty in the law school
  • Promoting the interaction between the membership and other organizations within the law school and the University specifically, and the legal community and Black community generally
  • Do all things necessary and appropriate to accomplish these purposes.

Each year SLU BLSA participates in SLU's Relay for Life Event.

President: Sheree Davis
Vice President (Co): Christina Vogel
Vice President (Co): Grace Flash
Treasurer: Mayo Alao
Secretary: TBA