Saint Louis University

Health Law Association

The Saint Louis University Health Law Association (HLA) has been in existence since 1979 and we pride ourselves on being one of the largest student groups at the School of Law. Our membership roster is impressive, but the dedication our members show to attending meetings and volunteer events makes us who we are.

We are dedicated to :

  • Making our members more aware of the Health Law curriculum, relevant dual degree options and certificate program
  • Exposing students to different legal career options within the health care arena
  • Providing a community service and social outlet for our membership.

Recently, we have begun to bridge the gap between the law and medical campuses by inviting allied health and medical students to our monthly meetings and social events. HLA seeks to capitalize on the reputation of the School's Center for Health Law Studies by searching for new programs, speakers, and projects to offer the student community. 

Health Law Association Constitution

Article I Name and Purpose

The name of the organization shall be the Saint Louis University Health Law Association, hereinafter referred to as the Association. The objectives of the Association shall be to expose the members to health-related legal issues and to increase awareness of career opportunities in the area of health law.

Article II Membership

Membership is open to students and alumni of the School of Law. Practicing attorneys and medical professionals are invited to participate in Association activities.

Article III Meetings

Association meetings shall take place at least monthly during the academic year, beginning in the first month of each semester.

The purpose of such meetings shall be either to conduct general Association business or to provide a program consistent with the objectives as outlined in Article I.

The officers shall meet over the summer, if possible, to plan fall activities.
The Association members shall have the power by majority vote of those members present to enact all resolutions necessary to the control and administration of the business affairs of the Association and to determine its policies and recommendations.

The Association members shall have the power of majority vote to determine the amount of membership dues, and shall have the same power to appropriate the expenditures from such funds.

Article IV Association Officers

Any member of the Association may serve as an officer.
The elected officers of the Association shall include a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. These officers shall take office at the earliest meeting following their elections and shall hold office until replaced by their successors.

The duties of the officers shall include:

The President shall:

1. Preside over all Association meetings.
2. Call special meetings when necessary.
3. Chair the executive Committee.
4. Make appointments and delegate duties necessary for the administration of Association affairs.
5. Be a member ex-officio of any committees.
6. Represent the Association on the Leadership Council of the School of Law.

The Vice-President shall:

1. Assist in the performance of the President's duties. 
2. Assume the powers and duties of the President in the absence of same.
3. Assume all other duties necessary to carry out the provisions of this Constitution.

The Secretary shall:

1. Keep a true record of all Association meetings.
2. Keep a true record of all Executive Committee meetings.
3. Be the official custodian of all books, papers, and documents of the Association, unless otherwise provided in the Constitution.
4. Assume other duties as necessary to carry out the provisions of this Constitution.

The Treasurer shall:

1. Keep a true record of the fiscal affairs of the Association.
2. Prepare a semi-annual financial statement.
3. Submit to the Executive Committee a report of all expenditures.
4. Assume all other duties as are necessary to carry out the provisions of this Constitution.

Article V Elections

Election of officers shall be held during the first two weeks of April.

Members of record at the time of election shall be entitled to vote.
Election ballots shall be distributed to members and returned to a designated location.
The Executive Committee shall count and certify the results. 

Article VI Committees

The Executive Committee shall be a standing committee comprised of the officers and the faculty adviser.
The Executive Committee shall:
1. Plan and coordinate the Association Functions.
2. Establish any select committees to carry out the above.
Any powers or duties not provided for in the Constitution shall be delegated to the Executive Committee.

Article VII Removal From Office

Any officer may be removed from office for failure to perform in accord with the provisions of this Constitution. Charges of impeachment may be raised against any officer by written petition of one third of the membership. The petition shall be presented to the faculty adviser who shall conduct a proper hearing and decide the question of impeachment. In the case that an elected office becomes vacant for any reason, the position shall be filled in a manner identical to that in which it was filled originally.

Article VIII Adoption and Amendment

The Constitution shall take effect when approved by a two-thirds vote of members present and voting at any meeting. Amendment may be presented to the members, who shall vote on the proposal in accord with the provisions in this Article.

President: Kate Broderick
Vice President: Katelyn Jacquay Daniel
Secretary: Heather Slawson
Treasurer: Beth Hamling