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Things to do Downtown on a Study Break


The long winter is finally over, and the only thing separating SLU LAW students from summer break is spring exams. To help students survive exams with their sanity intact, we recruited the Partnership for Downtown St. Louis to help us come up with some fun ways to relieve stress on a study break in downtown St. Louis.

Roll a few frames at Flamingo Bowl

Located at 1117 Washington Ave., Flamingo Bowl is just five blocks from Scott Hall. At $3.50 a game on weekdays before 9 p.m. and $3.00 for a shoe rental, it is a cheap way to blow off some steam between study sessions. Make sure you know the rules before you go.
Take a trip to the top of the Gateway Arch
OK, so it’s a bit touristy. But if you haven’t done it yet, taking the tram up to the top of the Gateway Arch is a great experience. You won’t find a better view of the city. Plus, you can look down at Scott Hall and be glad you aren’t inside taking an exam. Yet.
Stroll around Citygarden and Kiener Plaza
Enjoy some of the beautiful art and plant life that make up Citygarden. Want to know more about the sculptures and plants? There’s an app for that. Hit up one of the food trucks that periodically park on the outskirts. Or head down to Kiener Plaza and get your feet wet in the waterfalls. Either place would make a great study spot, but make sure to enjoy the surroundings before you crack the books again.
Tour the Old Courthouse
In the course of studying, everyone can use a little inspiration. A trip to the Old Courthouse provides just that for an aspiring lawyer. Check out the historic courthouse where Dred and Harriet Scott sued for his freedom and Virginia Minor sued for a woman’s right to vote. The Old Courthouse is not only a great historical location, but it also features some breathtaking architecture.
Go on a shopping spree
You’ve worked hard all year. Treat yourself! There are nearly 20 retailers within seven blocks of Scott Hall, including AIA BookstoreBeverly’s HillBoxersCeCiCollective at MXClr-MnstrDNAEve’s Apple VintageGlam Attic Resale BoutiqueLeft Bank BooksLevine Hat Company, Levin’s, MacroSun (owned by 3L Gil Williams), Trova Gifts and Urban Shark. There’s something for everyone.
Eat something
Nothing provides a more satisfying break from studying than grabbing a bite to eat. Whether it is a quick snack or a sit-down meal, downtown St. Louis has countless offerings. Looking to try something new? The Partnership makes it easy to find what you are looking for with their searchable database
Go on a Cakeway to the West scavenger hunt
There are 10 Cakeway to the West cakes around downtown St. Louis to commemorate the city’s 250th birthday. Buddy up with a classmate and walk around to find them all. It’s great exercise and a great opportunity to see some parts of downtown you haven’t checked out yet. 
Ramble around City Museum
Sure, you are an adult. But everyone is free to act like a kid at City Museum (750 N. 16th St.). Ride the Ferris wheel. Go down the slides. Climb on stuff. Have fun. Then, get back to studying!
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