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Move before-and-after: Pam Scholl | SLU LAW

Move before-and-after: Pam Scholl

Pam Scholl
Financial Coordinator
Old Office: Queen’s Daughters Hall, Second Floor
New Office: Scott Hall, Dean’s Suite, Eighth Floor

Pam Scholl has worked for SLU LAW in various capacities since 1971. She started part-time, then went back to school and started a family. She came back full-time, and has worked here ever since. “I worked my way up, and now you’re stuck with me,” she joked.



Before the Move

Pam's office in Queen's Daughters before the move

Throughout her time at SLU LAW, Pam has moved several times, from the previous law school building into the current complex, and within the school between different offices. She’s overseen several moves and construction projects as well.

“I’ve done building projects all through the current building, and watched this building change,” she said. “A few summers ago, we moved 24 people around. This is much bigger. I can’t imagine how it’ll go, but we’ll see it happen.”

There are many things to miss about the current law school, and Queen’s Daughters Hall in particular. “It’s gorgeous in here!” she says. But she’s also very excited for the opportunities the new building brings.

“There will be a lot of new energy and new ideas down there, and that’s always good,” she said. “We’ll make things down there a lot more vibrant. The area we’re going to has its own energy but we’ll add to it with our own.”

She said the move offers opportunities to re-evaluate the policies and procedures that have been put in place in Midtown to see if they’ll still work in the new space. “We’ll be cleaning and traveling lighter, and there will be new ideas and processes and ways of doing things,” she said. “Once we get down there, we’ll have adjustments, and I’ve seen us do that before to make things work on a daily basis.

Overall, Pam is optimistic about the future.

“We’ve thought about a lot of things ahead of time. We’ve seen a lot, that’s for sure.”

Pam's office in Queen's Daughters after the move

After the Move

Pam's new office in Scott Hall

 Pam laughed at the idea that we'd be doing a "post-move" interview. For her, the moving process is still ongoing.

"So far, things are going well," she said. "Most everybody is here, and they all have workstations and can work. Now we're just taking care of the details."

Pam said she loves being in the new building and having new places to explore. The abundance of windows, offering views and natural light, are one of her favorite things about the new space.

"What I like about this is what I like about my own home," she said. "The outside is inside. There are so many windows with vistas and views. The light and the views just add so much to the environment and make it all work."

When it came time to move all the things from her own office to the new building, she said everything made the trip without any snags. 

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