2014 Communication Feedback Tool Responses

To view submissions to the Communication Feedback Tool and responses, click on the subjects below — the section will expand. Click a second time to close the subject. Please note that this page serves as an archive of the communication that has taken place. Submitters have already received direct responses to their questions or comments.

Faculty/Staff Parking Rates, (11/20/2014)

Effectiveness of Communication Feedback Tool, (11/18/2014)

Feedback Regarding Parks College, (10/28/2014)

Inquiry About University Notifications of Death, (10/24/2014)

Pius Library Drop-Off Box, (9/26/2014)

Metro Bus Stop, (9/26/2014)

Pius XII Memorial Libraries Bathroom Facilities, (9/5/2014)

Availability of Fresh and Vegetarian Dining Options, (7/8/2014)

Parking During Fair St. Louis, (7/2/2014)

Med Center Parking and Card Services Closure, (7/1/2014)

Communication of University Benefits, (6/30/2014)

University Vision Insurance, (6/23/2014)

Employment Following VERP, (6/20/2014)

University Emergency Notifications, (4/3/2014)

Business and Finance Workflow, (3/14/2014)

Accrued Sick and Vacation Time, (3/3/2014)

Parking Discounts for Staff Making Less than $33,000, (3/3/2014)

Garage Access During Inclement Weather, (3/3/2014)

Employee Access to Simon Rec, (2/14/2014)

Change of Font in Banner Self Service, (2/14/2014)

Parking Garage Sensors, (2/13/2014)

Status of Billiken Brick Program, (2/13/2014)

Employee Parking Garage Fees, (2/7/2014)

Communication of Delayed Closure, (2/5/2014)

Access to Hermann Stadium Locker Rooms, (1/29/2014)

Recycling of Old Office Supplies, (1/28/2014)

SLU Intercollegiate Football, (1/28/2014)

Short-Term Disability Insurance, (1/24/2014)

Feedback Regarding Tool, (1/23/2014)

Communicating Policy Changes, (1/21/14)

Delayed Start for Inclement Weather, (1/21/2014)

Snow Removal/New Crosswalk, (1/21/14)

University Closure for Inclement Weather/Flexible Class Scheduling, (1/21/14)

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