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Our master's degree in communication is designed to teach students to be conscientious thinkers and leaders who communicate effectively in a diverse world and who understand the social implications of media and communication technology.

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Application Deadline for Beginning Term The Application Package Apply Online
Fall: July 1 (International: May 1) Application Fee; Transcripts from previous school(s); Three (3) Letters of Recommendation; GRE G; Resume; Personal Goal Statement
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Spring: Nov. 1 (International: Oct. 1)
Summer: April 1
Tel. No.: 314.977.3734
Chair: April Trees, Ph.D.
Dir. of Graduate Studies.: Dan Kozlowski, Ph.D.

Assistantship Application Deadline: January 15

  • Students who want to be considered for an assistantship must submit their application along with the request to be considered for an assistantship by January 15. The assistantship request goes directly to the department.

Required Additional Application Materials for International Students:

Applicant Criteria

  • There are no minimum GRE or GPA requirements. Successful applicants typically have GRE scores in the range of 153 Verbal, 144 Quantitative, and 4.0 Analytical Writing with an overall GPA of 3.0 or above.
  • The Graduate Committee may admit applicants whose scores vary from these guidelines based upon fit with our program, past experiences, or letters of recommendation.

Communication Application Review Process

  • The Department of Communication carefully reviews each applicant's material as a package to gain an overall understanding of his/her background, goals, and abilities.

Admission Statistics

  • Approximately 20 graduate students are actively enrolled in the program at any one time.
  • Class sizes range from 6-15 students, ensuring personal attention.            

Program Description: Through their coursework students develop fluency in communication theory that can be used to solve practical problems. Students also learn to ask thoughtful questions and find engaging answers by building the skill-set necessary to develop research protocols, evaluate messages, analyze data, and share these findings with various stakeholders. Students develop a personally tailored program of study that fits their individual goals and interests. Students experience small classes that permit close working relationships with faculty. | Prospective Communication Graduate Student Information Page

Credit Hours/Coursework | Communication Graduate Program Overview

Students in the program can choose from three different types of degree completion options:

Applied Project Option: The applied project allows students with a professional focus to engage in an in-depth application of communication theory and research methods to a professional setting. The project gives students an opportunity to apply knowledge and skills developed in graduate study to professional practice. Students will be involved in producing some form of material on behalf of an organization or field of practice. Projects may take different forms. Students choosing this option take 27 credit hours of coursework and take 3 credit hours of CMM 5890: Applied Project.

Comprehensive Exam Option: The comprehensive exam offers an opportunity for students to synthesize knowledge from across their coursework in the program and demonstrate competency in communication theory and research, with a particular focus on their area of specialization. The comprehensive exam option includes both a written and an oral exam. Students choosing this option take 30 credit hours of coursework and take comprehensive exams during their last semester in the program.

Thesis Option: A thesis involves the creation of new knowledge relevant to the field of communication, a professional area, or an organization. Students read existing research in their topic area and develop a set of research questions or hypotheses to investigate. They then design and implement a study to answer those questions. Students choosing this option take 24 credit hours of coursework and take 6 credit hours of CMM 5990: Thesis Research.

Career Possibilities: Our program prepares students for greater responsibilities in a range of professions including advertising, corporate communications, higher education, human resources, journalism, politics, public relations, and training and development. Our recent graduates are working for companies such as FleishmanHillard, Maritz, Monsanto, eateria, the Carolina Hurricanes, the National Catholic Reporter, SLU, and Express Scripts. In addition, we have an excellent track record placing graduates in strong Ph.D. programs for students who want to continue their graduate work in communication.

Curriculum & Program Details: Our graduate degree provides opportunities to explore the human communication process through a multi-theoretical approach. Coursework options allow students to deepen their understandings of communication theory, research, criticism, and ethics within a variety of areas of study, including: Health Communication, Intercultural Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Media Studies, Organizational Communication, Rhetoric and Public Dialogue, and Strategic Communication. Each student works out her or his own program of study with the graduate director and a faculty mentor according to her or his individual goals. By focusing on the underlying principles of human communication, courses invite knowledge and skill development in the various contexts of communication. | Why Choose Communication?

About the Communication Faculty: The department's full-time faculty members are recognized scholars and active professionals in their areas of expertise. They publish scholarly and creative works including books, refereed journal articles, book chapters, reviews, and funded research reports. They have been frequent recipients of college, university, and national teaching awards. The department is known for the close collaboration between students and faculty. In recent years students have worked on research projects and co-authored convention papers and articles. | Communication Faculty Site

Scholarships & Financial Aid: The Department of Communication offers approximately twelve (12) graduate assistantships each year for teaching, research, and professional endeavors. We award assistantships on a yearly basis and normally only to students who enter our program during a fall semester. Students who wish to be considered for a graduate assistantship should contact the Communication Department and must have their completed Graduate Education application on file by January 15. | Student Financial Services at SLU

Program Highlights: Graduate school focuses on knowledge-creation as opposed to knowledge-memorization. Students in our program generate their own ideas about communication and learn how to express those ideas within a professional and academic context. |  The New Communication Digital Labs and the Collaboration Center for student projects