Saint Louis University

Below is a list of programs offered by, or in conjunction with, SLU CME. Select a link to learn more about our current and upcoming course offerings.

Live Conferences

Live CME activities that take place at a specific time, date, and location. They can occur either in person or as live webcasts.

Regularly Scheduled Conferences (RSC)

Ongoing live conference series with a broad set of objectives that span the course of a calendar year. They can occur weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Examples include Grand Rounds, Journal Clubs, M&M Conferences, etc.

Enduring Materials

Non-live CME activity that "endures" over time. This can be an online module, pre-recorded webcast, or physical workbook. The learning experience by the physician can take place at any time in any place.

Practical Anatomy

Live courses and hands-on cadaver workshops hosted by the Practical Anatomy and Surgical Education office.