Enduring Materials/On Demand

1.Complete the Application form.

Download the Application Form.
Important considerations when applying for a CME event:
    • Title, topic or subject matter to be covered
    • Gap analysis data
    • Educational objectives that relate to the gap and expected educational outcome
    • Within the application you will need to indicate the level of educational outcome you are striving for
    • Target audience
    • Draft of the course content including potential topics and speakers
    • Preferred date and time
    • Preferred location
    • Funding sources and budget information
    • Anticipated attendance and geographical range for marketing

  • Apply at least 1 year prior for an on-line activity and self study.
  • Applications will not be accepted less than 3 months prior for any activity.
  • A completed application form includes all required signatures, a budget, a course outline, and supporting documentation.

2. Meet to discuss scope of work and plan the event

Terms of the Service Agreement will be discussed, as well as planning process guidelines and the timeline for your event.

3. Service Agreement

Once your application has been approved, you will be sent a service agreement detailing responsibilities, scope of work, administrative fees, and other terms.
  • Managed vs. non-managed - how much involvement will the CME office have
  • Sponsored vs. jointly sponsored -Sponsored is within SLU, jointly sponsored is with an outside organization
  • Additional fees - For example, presentation review

 4. Conflict of interest and disclosure forms

The disclosure form is required of all course faculty and planning committee members. This includes all individuals that may have control over the content of the activity. Disclosure information must appear in all activity materials, particularly in the printed handout provided prior to the start of your activity.

5. Participant Roster

Please send the CME Office a participant roster on a regular basis. The roster must include:
  • First and Last Name
  • Degree
  • Specialty (if available)
  • Date of Birth (for ID verification)
  • Mailing Address
  • Email address

For more forms and information, please see the Forms and Documents page.

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