The Russian and East European Area Studies Program provides interdisciplinary study of the former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe, combining language, literature, politics, history, philosophy, and other subjects. Students earn a certificate in addition to one or more departmental majors and are prepared for careers in government, business, and academic fields, as well as graduate study in the field.

Required Courses:
HIST-3160 History of Eastern Europe 3
HIST-3290 History of Russia since 1905 3
POLS-2530 Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics 3
RUSS-3050 Conversational Russian 3
  Total Hours Required in Specific Courses 12
Twelve hours related to the field chosen with the approval of the Director. These could include such courses currently offered as:
HIST-3030 History of the Byzantine Empire 3
HIST-3250 The World in Conflict since 1945 3
HIST-3280 History of Russia to 1905 3
PHIL-4740 Philosophy of Karl Marx 3
POLS-2540 Ethnicity & Internal War 3
POLS-4500 Russian Political Culture 3
POLS-3520 Communism, Capitalism, and Social Justice 3
POLS-3530 Comparative Revolutions 3
RUSS-3010 Oral and Written Proficiency in Russian I 3
RUSS-3020 Oral and Written Proficiency in Russian II 3
RUSS-3250 Russian Culture and Civilization 3
Total Elective Hours 12

Total Required Hours


Other upper division Russian courses also can be chosen as electives. Another language of the region can be substituted for Russian if comparable proficiency can be demonstrated (four college semesters).