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African American Male Scholar Initiative (AAMS)

The AAMS Initiative was selected as the 2013 Outstanding Diversity and Social Justice Initiative by the Jesuit Association for Student Personnel Administration (JASPA). Congrats!

aams logoDear Family and Friends of Michael Brown,

We were deeply saddened to hear of the death of young brother Michael Brown on Saturday August 9th. We realize that this is a difficult time for your friends, family, and our community. You are in our thoughts and prayers during your time of bereavement.

The AAMS (African American Male Scholars) Initiative was created so that aspiring young African American men like Brother Michael could thrive within a community and environment that far too often makes them feel disempowered and alone. The AAMS Initiative is filled with scholars, mentors, faculty, and staff who are dedicated to uplifting the lives of African Americans young men in our St. Louis community. We want you to know that Michael's life has not been taken away from us in vain. AAMS will continue to educate, advocate, and fight for the lives, achievement, and justice of our African American community of St. Louis to honor Brother Michael's life and legacy. Again, we express our deepest condolences to your family and friends. May God's strength bring you peace and comfort in the days and weeks to come.


AAMS Scholars, Mentors, Faculty, & Staff


African American Male Scholars Initiative (AAMS) is designed to retain and ensure the graduation of African American male students at Saint Louis University.  AAMS provides programs, services, and experiences that will connect African American male students to University, social, and community resources that will facilitate their academic and personal success. Student are exposed to peer education opportunities, mentoring, academic and leadership workshops. AAMS is meant to enable students to develop holistically as leaders and graduate from Saint Louis University.

AAMS Goals:

  • Provide a supportive campus community for African American male students.
  • Provide experiences that enable African American male students to better understand themselves in the context of the larger community.
  • Provide exposure to campus and community resources that will enable African American male students to realize their potential for academic success and impact the campus and community as servant leaders.
  • To foster awareness of issues that affect African American male college students among the campus and the community.


Interested in joining AAMS? Download the forms below for more information:


2015-2016 AAMS Scholar Form


For more information contact ph: 314-977-2567 | email:

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