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The following index is inclusive of the material covered in Safe Zone training and in the resource manual provided to members. Additional information, downloads, and resources are available on our [Resources] page.


SECTION ONE Introduction & General Information

 Mission Statement
The Need for a Safe Zone
Guidelines for Safe Zone Members
How to Use Your Resources
The Safe Zone Symbol
Free to be Me


 Defining a Common Language
Things I learned Growing Up

Transgender & Transsexual
GLBT Students of Color

Clarifying Beliefs
Homophobia & Biphobia
Riddle Homophobia Scale
How Homophobia Hurts us All
Heterosexual Questionnaire
Heterosexism & Heterosexual Privilege

Coming Out
Why Come Out? Benefits & Risks
Coming Out: Issues & Concerns
Questions to Consider Before Coming Out
When Someone Comes Out to You
GLBT Development: Cass Model

SECTION THREE Ally Development

Definition of an Ally
The Four Basic Levels of Becoming an Ally
An Ally is a Person Who
Strategies for Becoming an Effective Ally
Benefits & Risks of Being an Ally

Creating a Non-Homophobic Campus Environment
Suggestions for Working With GLBT Students
Understanding Potential Problems Facing GLBT Youth
When to Refer a Student to a Mental Health Professional


Web Resources

Reading: What will my roommate think?
Reading: Homosexuality in America
Reading: An Overview on Catholic Viewpoints on Homosexuality
What Should I do if...
Letter from Campus Ministry



The Guide: Rainbow Alliance publication
Rainbow Alliance profile

LGBT History Month

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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