Saint Louis University

The following is a list of the Saint Louis University students, faculty, and staff who have completed training to become Safe Zone members.

This listing will be updated and kept as accurate as possible dependent on the information provided to Safe Zone. Members are asked to inform Safe Zone if they are leaving the University community, changing offices or addresses or wish to withdraw from the program.

Faculty/Staff Allies


Brion Abel Doisy College of Health Sciences
J. Jason Amezcua Housing & Residence Life
Jon Baris Law School
Stephen Barnes Office of Admissions
Amanda Barton Women & Gender Studies
Shahida Rice Public Health & Social Justice
Mary Ann Bindbeutel Physical Therapy
David Brinker MOCRA
LaTanya Buck Cross Cultural Center
Cynthia Bush Busch Student Center
Becky Carlson Career Services
Nancy Childrey Cook School of Business
Erica Ciarlo School of Nursing
Jackie Cintel Student Success Center - Medical Center
Mary Cook Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning
Patrick Cousins Campus Ministry
Tabitha Crawford Career Services
Rob Curtin Student Financial Services
Lindsay Dencker Student Educational Services
Alice Dickherber Law School
Julie Dill Law School
Deborah Douglas Fine & Performing Arts
Colleen Drazen Student Involvement Center
M. Renee Dunham Student Development
Jessica Dyer Student Health & Counseling
Jennifer Eide Research Services
Mark Chung Kwan Fan Housing & Residence Life
Leanna Fenneberg Student Development
Jill Fitzgerald Physical Therapy
Joan Fitzsimmons School of Nursing
Natalie Floeh Public Health & Social Justice
Elizabeth Foreman Philosophy
Robert Francis Campus Ministry
Heather Freehill Athletics
AJ Friedhoff Housing & Residence Life
Susan Gale Career Services
Sandra Gambill Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning
Kelli Gardner Bell English
LaShone Gibson Adult Credit Program
Cara Gitchos Student Financial Services
Amanda Goldsmith Law School
Chris Grabau Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning
Barbara Gradala Cook School of Business
Allison Grapperhaus Financial Planning & Budget
Ashley Gray Cross Cultural Center
Tina Gray Pediatrics, School of Medicine
Andrea Gruger Housing & Residence Life
Carol Guntorius Adult Credit Programs
Kelly Herbolich Academic Support
Timothy Hercules Student Educational Services
Christy Hicks Campus Ministry
Andrea Hitsman Office of Admissions
Kathy Hogan Student Financial Services
Adrienne Johnson Student Success Center - Medical Center
David Kaplan Cook School of Business
Cheryl Kaufman Student Involvement Center
Christine Keller Career Services
Lana Kelly Adult Credit Program
Virginia Kettenbach Physical Therapy
Delia King College of Arts & Sciences
Michael Kolnik Law School
Rachel Kondro Campus Ministry
Jean Krampe School of Nursing
Susan Krieg Student Support/Parent & Family Programs
Jenny Kwok Parks College
Wendy LaBenne Career Services
Ivan Lapuka Cook School of Business
Leslie Lattimore Student Success Center - Medical Center
Brian Lawrence Career Services
Don Lee, S.J. Campus Ministry
Emily Leitner Cross Cultural Center
Debra Lohe Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning
Jessica Lorentz Law School
Greg Lucsko Student Involvement Center
Megan Lucsko Academic Support
Stacey Mack Parking & Card Services
Charles McCauley College of Arts & Sciences
Julie McCourt Campus Ministry
Laura McCullough Pre-Professional Health Studies
Heather McGhee Annual Giving Programs
Meredith McLaughlin Student Development
Stephen Edward McMillin School of Social Work
Kaleigh Mrowka Student Involvement Center
Donna Bess Myers Student Support/Parent & Family Programs
Danielle Nied Housing & Residence Life
Julie O'Heir Adult Credit Programs
Janet Oberle Athletics
Meredith Osborn Student Health & Counseling
Linda Paglusch Cook School of Business
Katherine Paullin College of Arts & Sciences
Theresa Perry Human Resources
Jen Petruso Campus Ministry
Rachel Philippone Graduate Education
Robert Poirier Student Health & Counseling
Ray Quirolgico Student Development
Amanda Reed Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Kimberly Reitter Career Services
Kristi Richter School of Social Work
Allison Roba Cook School of Business
Amy Sanders Law School
Jeremy Schierhoff Water Tower Inn
Erin Schmidt Campus Ministry
Kathryn Schwartz Brennan Annual Giving Programs
Ina Seethaler Women & Gender Studies
Carol Sharp ITS
Roberta Singer Student Success Center - Medical Center
Benjamin Smyth Cook School of Business
Lauren Snowden Adult Credit Program
Ana Sontag Student Involvement Center
Rosanna Speller College of Arts & Sciences
Charles Stephens Housing & Residence Life
Shannon Morse Law School
Heather Stout Academic Support
Janet Strader Financial Planning & Budget
Debi Striler Otolaryngology
Matthew Sullivan Academic Support - School of Nursing
Lisa Sonia Taylor Law School
Joel Thomas Student Success Center - Medical Center
Molly Thompson Cook School of Business
Ryan Trump Student Success Center - Medical Center
Frank Tucci Student Financial Services
Emily Tuttle English
Dominick Valli English
Brandon Verhoff Service Operations
Justin Vilbig Center for Service & Community Engagement
Sarah Waring Mathematics & Computer Science
Sean Watson Housing & Residence Life
Ellen Weis Office of the Registrar
Floyd Welsh Major Exploration Advising
Elaine Wilder Physical Therapy
Debra Wilson Micah Program
Jay Winig Student Health & Counseling
Cyn Wise Biology
Jennifer Zeola Cook School of Business


Student Allies


Ja'Van Adams Arts & Sciences
Elizabeth Alberty Arts & Sciences
Emerald Austin Arts & Sciences
Robbie Barnhart Engineering, Aviation & Technology   
Landon Brownfield Arts & Sciences
Brittany Calendo Public Health & Social Justice
Madi Condron Public Health & Social Justice
Nathaniel Conner Arts & Sciences
Aaron Duckels Arts & Sciences
Amanda Eagan Public Health & Social Justice
Jason Feraris Engineering, Aviation & Technology
Josh Ferrante Public Health & Social Justice
Nicole Fetcho Arts & Sciences
Bridget Fisher Arts & Sciences
Melinda George Public Health & Social Justice
Natalie Grasso Arts & Sciences
Zachary Grummer-Strawn Arts & Sciences
Clarissa Jackson Public Health & Social Justice
Dowen Jocson Arts & Sciences
Stephanie Kaefer Education & Public Service
Genevieve Knab Arts & Sciences
Hannah Krydynski Education & Public Service
Christina Lam Arts & Sciences
Elizabeth Lampe Arts & Sciences
Marisa Lastres Arts & Sciences
Jenessa Long Health Sciences
Veronica Lowe Nursing
Nicole Madden Arts & Sciences
Patrick Miller Arts & Sciences
Claire Mispagel Business
Alex Murphy Public Health & Social Justice
Sarah Ruth Nash Arts & Sciences
Naya Owusu Arts & Sciences
Eric Pacholski Arts & Sciences
Kirsten Palovick Arts & Sciences
Enrique Perdomo Engineering, Aviation & Technology
Roger Perkey Health Sciences
Patrick Peroutka Education and Public Service
Allison Phad Public Health & Social Justice
Grace Piontek Arts & Sciences
Jonathan Pulphus University College
Ellen Quinn Public Health & Social Justice
Amelia Romo Public Health & Social Justice
Emily Rorke Engineering, Aviation & Technology
Elizabeth Sabetta Arts & Sciences
Brandon Sampson Arts & Sciences
Katherine Santana Arts & Sciences
Matt Satcher Engineering, Aviation & Technology
Jacqueline Schipp Arts & Sciences
Molly Schissel Health Sciences
Katie Schrock Arts & Sciences
Vidur Sharma Public Health & Social Justice
Janae Shepherd Business
Colin Sobol Health Sciences
Mason Switzer Health Sciences
George Theotokatos Arts & Sciences
Michael Toth Arts & Sciences
Alexandra Vazquez Public Health & Social Justice
Rebecca Wallace Arts & Sciences
Victoria Walls Arts & Sciences
Lusi Wang Arts & Sciences
Alyssa Weiss Business
Summer Worthington Public Health & Social Justice
Xinse Zhang Engineering, Aviation & Technology