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Kathy W. Humphrey Award for Diversity

Kathy Humphrey

The International Student Federation established the Kathy Humphrey Awards in 2001 to honor Kathy W. Humphrey, the former Vice President of Student Development. This award recognizes individuals who have made great efforts to promote diversity at Saint Louis University. Members of the SLU community may nominate any faculty, student, and staff who exemplify the ideals that Humphrey promoted during her time at SLU.

The ideal recipient of the Kathy Humphrey Award

The recipient of this award demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to think differently. This individual is an example to others as one truly dedicated to the Jesuit tradition "men and women for others." This is exemplified in their service, academics, and leadership.

This individual is:

  • Humble, and understands that all efforts must uphold the dignity and worth of the human person
  • Not perfect, but understands their limitations and makes efforts to be better.
  • Giving of their time, and works to foster a great sense of open-mindedness, cooperation and unity.
  • Sensitive to the needs of others
  • Respectful of differing ideas
  • Compassionate
  • An Advocate

This individual leads. They do not accept life as it is but seeks continually to challenge themselves and others. As a model for others, this person is revered as a person of character and integrity. This individual is an advocate, dedicated to the principle of non-discrimination, and is working actively to promote inclusion and acceptance. As a scholar, this person believes that the greatest learning comes through interaction. Using bold thinking, this individual is knowledgeable or curious about affairs outside of their immediate life, and seeks constantly to expand their understanding and appreciation of others.

It is not necessarily in what this person does, but how this individual thinks that makes this individual meritorious.

This person is a citizen of this world.


Nomination Process

Nominations for the Kathy Humphrey awards are coordinated by the International Student Federation and typically take during the Fall Semester. 

Students, staff, and, faculty may be nominated for this award. Undergraduate students must be at least junior status to be eligible to receive the award. All graduate students are eligible.There is no limit to how many nominations one can submit, so feel free to nominate multiple individuals.

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