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MLK Scholarship Requirements

Academic Requirements

  • Attain a cumulative SLU grade point average of 3.00 or better by the end of the spring semester. (*Note: This requirement also applies to scholars who are currently on scholarship probation. Scholars who had their scholarship terminated and were provided a special probation by Financial Services, must meet the minimum criteria established by Financial Services.)
  • Complete a minimum of 24 credit hours a year.

Scholars may be notified by Financial Services about their scholarship status and financial aid package. The assigned scholarship advisors can provide assistance in developing attainable academic goals; however, the scholars are expected to monitor their own academic progress. Scholars are also expected to complete their FASFA annually by March 1, regardless of financial need.

Community, Leadership, and Campus Involvement Requirements

Scholar Reception

New and returning scholars are expected to attend the reception.

Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Breakfast and Service Project

Returning scholars are required to attend the breakfast and participation in the breakfast and service project can be used to fulfill scholarship leadership requirements.

Leadership Development and Training

Attend and/or participate in at least two campus leadership development programs. iLEAD, Ambassadors Program and other campus programs can count towards a scholars’ requirements while allowing them to network and develop invaluable leadership skills. Campus involvement must be completed by the end of the second week in April.

Campus Involvement

Join and actively participate in at least one campus student organization.

Community Service

Participate in at least one community service event or project a year. Presently, there are not a required number of hours for community service; however, scholars are asked to track their service hours and report them at the end of the year.

Scholarship Advisor Meeting

Returning scholars are not required to meet individually with their assigned scholarship advisor each semester. However, scholars who have cumulative grade point averages below a 3.00 are expected to schedule an appointment with their scholarship advisor to develop a plan for improving their academic performance. Their meeting should occur before the end of the first week of classes. If a class change is suggested, this allows the scholar to adjust their schedule without sacrificing academic credit. Scholarship advisors are available year-long to discuss scholarship requirements. Specific questions about financial aid should be directed to Financial Services.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Interview Weekend

Scholars are asked to host a visiting student on campus and to provide information about being a MLK, Jr. Scholar. There are a variety of activities of which scholars who live off-campus can participate. 

Reporting Forms

Scholars are asked to report their participation in all mandatory scholarship activities and programs. Although scholars have a minimum involvement expectation, they are encouraged to continually broaden their leadership experience and involvement. They must also manage their campus and community leadership so that it does not interfere with academic success. The deadline to return the reporting form is the fourth week in April.

Mandatory Scholar Requirements While Studying Abroad

Students who study abroad are expected to fulfill the expectations and mandatory requirements as if they are on campus, with the exclusion of those programs which occur at Saint Louis University (i.e. Scholar Interview Weekend). Although they are expected to make every effort to identify leadership, learning and service opportunities while abroad, there is some leniency provided to these students. No exceptions can be made for their SLU cumulative grade point average and full-time enrollment requirements.

Scholarship Expectations

  • Fully participate in mandatory scholarship programs and events.
  • Seek academic assistance when needed by utilizing available resources (including campus services, upperclassmen, faculty and staff).
  • Participate in the recruitment of new scholars by assisting with the Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Weekend and other related activities.
  • Inform the scholarship advisors about any changes that may impact full-time enrollment.
  • Refrain from activities that may interfere with academic and personal success.
  • Have fun and enjoy their college experience. 


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