Who We Are

The Paul C. Reinert, S.J. Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning (formerly the Reinert Center for Teaching Excellence) is a comprehensive teaching center, serving faculty, graduate students, and other educators at Saint Louis University. We offer a variety of instructional development and design services and programs, both for individual faculty/instructors and for departments/programs. All services and most programs are provided at no cost to SLU faculty and graduate students. Additionally, we sponsor and co-sponsor workshops on pedagogical topics, facilitated by Center staff, SLU faculty, and national/international experts in higher education.

About Our Namesake

"Today our colleges cannot stand aloof from a troubled society; no, within the fundamental purposes of our educational mission, we must assume some responsibility for being instruments - agents for needed change in society" (Reinert, April 25, 1970, p. 10; original emphasis).

Photo of Fr ReinertIn 2001, SLU's Center for Teaching Excellence was renamed in honor of Father Paul C. Reinert, S.J., a Jesuit priest, scholar, and vocal advocate for social justice. Father Reinert was a pivotal voice in Catholic higher education as well as one of Saint Louis University's most influential leaders.

Father Reinert served as Saint Louis University's dean of the College of Arts and Sciences (1944-1949), president (1949-1974), chancellor (1974-1990), and chancellor emeritus (1990-2001). A self-identified "servant leader," Father Reinert was instrumental in making Saint Louis University a more diverse institution by admitting women as regular students and by working to admit the first African-American students to the University in 1944, making SLU the first historically white university in a former slave state to admit African-American students (Reinert and Shore, 1972). Beyond his duty to Saint Louis University, Reinert was a key figure in helping to reshape American higher education, and specifically, Catholic education.

Father Reinert is an appropriate namesake for our Center. He embodied many of the values that inform our practice, including thoughtful, person-centered work that is inclusive and prioritizes engagement with the world. Our goal is to emulate Father Reinert's commitment to servant leadership in all our work with SLU's faculty, graduate students, and administrators.

To Learn More about Father Reinert:

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