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Annual Report

The annual report is intended to share with Center stakeholders and the broader Saint Louis University community our work and accomplishments over the past year and to serve as a means of accountability for us. Additionally, the annual report also describes important changes within the Center, as well as the scholarly and service contributions of Center staff members. Finally, it provides a means for acknowledging the contributions of the Center's Faculty Fellows, Advisory Board members, workshop facilitators, Certificate recipients, and other important stakeholders. (Note: we consider that the academic year begins on July 1, since most of the work we do in July typically is preparation for the upcoming year.)

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Activity Reports

2016 - 2017

November-December, 2016

The Reinert Center continued its emphasis on Inclusive Teaching, developing new resources and offering new workshops. Among other things during this period, Reinert Center staff presented at the annual conference of the POD Network, met with various campus stakeholders to discuss campus-wide initiatives (e.g., core curriculum revisions, online course evaluations), and submitted a grant to Bringing Theory to Practice, an affiliate organization of the Association of American Colleges and Universities. We concluded the semester with the Fall Certificate Ceremony, where we awarded a higher-than-usual number of certificates for the fall term.

September-October, 2016

This fall, the Reinert Center team has laid a strong foundation for our year-long focus on Inclusive Teaching, by increasing our web-based resources and offering relevant programming. We have continued to host workshops and other events as part of our Certificate Program, to serve individual faculty and graduate students through consultations and mid-semester focus groups, and to work with academic units on topics of relevance for their faculty.

July-August, 2016

The Center's twentieth year as a comprehensive teaching center began in July, with a new Graduate Assistant joining the team, with our annual summer staff retreat, and with preparations for the new academic year. Center staff led invited workshops at both New Faculty Orientation and New Graduate Assistant Orientation, and provided an overview of Center programs and services for New Adjunct Faculty, as well as for departments and colleges. We also held our annual Faculty Open House for new and returning faculty, with 25 attendees, including SLU's Provost, Dr. Brickhouse.

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