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Advisory Board

Members of the Advisory Board support the work of the Center through participation in standing committees, special projects, and events; they also advise Center leadership on future planning.


Amanda Albert, M.S.L.I.S, Pius XII Memorial Library

Debra Barbeau, Ph.D., Accounting

Stephen Belt, Ph.D., Aviation Science

Vincent Casaregola, Ph.D., English

Robert Cole, Ph.D., Department of Education

Daniel Finucane, Ph.D.,Theological Studies

Benjamin de Foy, Ph.D., Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Elizabeth Gockel-Blessing, Ph.D., Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Kim Levenhagen, DPT, Physical Therapy and Athletic Training

Hisako Matsuo, Ph.D.,Sociology and Anthropology

Anne McCabe, Ph.D., Languages & Literature, SLU-Madrid

Terri Rebmann, Ph.D., College for Public Health and Social Justice

Joanne Schneider, Ph.D., School of Nursing

Stuart Slavin, M.D., School of Medicine

Bryan Sokol, Ph.D., Center for Service and Community Engagement

Elena Bray Speth, Ph.D., Biology

Ranya Taqieddin, Biology (Graduate Student Representative)

Sue Tebb, Ph.D., School of Social Work

Constance Wagner, J.D., School of Law

Patrick Welch, Ph.D., Economics

Lisa Willoughby, Ph.D., Psychology



Martha Brennan

Mary Domihidy, Ph.D.

Teresa Johnson, Ph.D.

Robert Krizek, Ph.D. 

Jim Korn, Ph.D

Darina Sargeant, Ph.D.

Mary Stephen, Ph.D.

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