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Reinert Center Fellows

Currently, the Reinert Center has one Faculty Fellow:

Reinert Center Senior Faculty Fellow

Elena Bray Speth

Elena Bray Speth, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Biology

Dr. Bray Speth is Assistant Professor of Biology at Saint Louis University. Before coming to SLU in August 2009, she earned her Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the DOE-Plant Research Laboratory at Michigan State University, where she studied the cellular and molecular bases of the interaction between plants and bacterial pathogens. Toward the end of her doctorate, she became interested in biology education research and pursued this interest as a postdoc, sponsored by the Michigan State University Center for Research on College Science Teaching and Learning. At SLU, Elena was hired in the Biology Department to conduct Discipline-Based Education Research. She teaches one large section of Introductory Biology for science majors and a graduate-level course in Scientific Communication. In spring 2013, she will begin teaching biology for education majors. Her work includes undergraduate and graduate students conducting research on college biology teaching and learning. Current work focuses on (a) distributing and scaffolding active and meaningful learning of biology in and out of class; (b) analyzing students' models of complex biological systems; and (c) characterizing students' causal reasoning about biological mechanisms that span multiple levels of organization.

Past Faculty Fellows

Lauren Arend, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Education
Fellowship Project (2014-2016): Dr. Arend's project focused on community-engaged teaching.

Lenin Grajo, PhD, EdM, OTR/L, Assistant Professor, Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
Mary L. Stephen Faculty Fellow for Scholarly Teaching 
Fellowship Project (2015-2016): Dr. Grajo's project focused on international teaching and learning collaborations

Ken Parker, Ph.D., Steber Professor in Theological Studies, Theological Studies
Fellowship Project (2014-2016): Dr. Parker's project focused on his development of an apprenticeship workshop model for dissertation direction

Kim Levenhagen, PT, DPT, Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy and Athletic Training
Fellowship Project (2012-2014): Dr. Levenhagen focused on development needs of clinical educators, resulting in a set of web-based resources on Clinical Teaching [LINK].



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