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The Reinert Center offers two kinds of fellowship opportunities for Saint Louis University faculty: the Reinert Center Fellowships that support and enhance the ongoing work of the Center and the Innovative Teaching Fellowships that provide an opportunity for faculty to design and teach a course in our Learning Studio.  Full-time, permanent teaching faculty at the University are eligible to apply (other eligibility factors may also apply, depending upon the fellowship type).  We hold regular calls for these fellowships as described below. 

Reinert Center Fellowships

Each year, the Reinert Center offers fellowships for up to three full-time, permanent teaching faculty who have completed at least 2 years of teaching at the University.  These fellowships are designed to create mutually-beneficial partnerships between Center staff and SLU faculty, to foster collaboration among SLU faculty on topics related to teaching and learning, and to enhance/supplement existing Center programs and resources.

Reinert Center Fellows work on specific projects (that they propose) during the fellowship year; projects focus on a specific topic related to pedagogical strategies, course design, and/or research on teaching and learning.  One fellowship - the Mary L. Stephen Faculty Fellowship for Scholarly Teaching - is awarded specifically for projects that focus on Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) work; this fellowship is named in honor of the Center's former director, who retired in 2011 and continues to produce SoTL work today. Reinert Center Fellows receive a small stipend during their fellowship year. Faculty on SLU's Madrid campus are eligible to apply for these fellowships.

To learn more about these fellowships, including the next Call for Proposals, click here. To read about the Center's current faculty fellows, click here.

Innovative Teaching Fellowships

Each semester, the Reinert Center awards a small number of Innovative Teaching Fellowships to full-time, permanent teaching faculty who will teach in our highly-flexible, technology-rich classroom, the Learning Studio.

Innovative Teaching Fellows spend the first semester of their fellowship working closely with Reinert Center staff to (re)design a course to be taught in the Learning Studio.  The course is then taught in the Studio during the second semester of the fellowship period.  The fellowship comes with either a stipend of $3200 or funds to cover the cost of a course release to support course (re)design work. It also includes various kinds of support from Reinert Center staff, including both pedagogical and technical support.

To learn more about these fellowships, including information about the next Call for Applications, click here. To read about current and past Innovative Teaching Fellows, click here.

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