Saint Louis University

Reinert Center Fellows are vital to the ongoing work of the Center.  Throughout the Center's history, faculty fellows have helped to shape and advance the Center's mission, expand its programs, services, and online resources, and build new partnerships toward establishing a culture of evidence-based teaching and learning at Saint Louis University.  During the fellowship period, Reinert Center Fellows work on specific faculty development projects (that they propose), as described below. 

This fellowship is not currently accepting proposals.


The purpose of the Reinert Center Fellowships is to create mutually-beneficial partnerships between Center staff and SLU faculty, to foster collaboration among SLU faculty from across the University on topics related to teaching and learning, and to enhance/supplement existing Center programs and resources.  Additionally, these fellowships provide an opportunity for SLU faculty to deepen their understanding of and involvement with the Reinert Center and for the Center to better understand the pedagogical needs and interests of SLU faculty. 


SLU faculty members who have a full-time, permanent teaching appointment in any academic department of the University, and who have (or will have) completed a minimum of two years of teaching at SLU by the beginning of the Fellowship term are eligible to apply. 

Fellowship Period

Fellowships generally occur over the course of a single academic year.  Depending on the scope and nature of a given project, fellowships may be renewable for one additional year.

Fellowship Expectations

During the fellowship period, Reinert Center Fellows:

  • Complete a faculty development project of their own design (focused on teaching and/or curriculum design) that has broad applicability for faculty across the University
  • Work independently on their proposed faculty development projects, making consistent progress, collaborating with Reinert Center staff as needed, and communicating regularly with the Center's director
  • Attend one Advisory Board meeting per semester to report on the status of their projects
  • Agree to serve as a resource on their project topic for other instructors, including making the project public for other SLU faculty (e.g., a workshop, a facilitated conversation, an online resources, etc.)
  • Write one blog post per semester for the Reinert Center blog (The Notebook), to share information with the wider SLU community on some aspect of their projects
  • Complete their proposed projects by the end of the fellowship period
  • Prepare a short reflection on their experience as faculty fellows, including expectations for how their projects might evolve, at the end of the fellowship period

Project Overview

Projects will focus on a specific topic related to pedagogical strategies, course design, and/or research on teaching and learning, and will result in a tangible faculty development opportunity for other SLU educators (from a range of disciplines). Projects should enhance the faculty fellows' knowledge and expertise on a particular teaching topic and should enhance/supplement Reinert Center programs and resources.

Sample Projects

Examples of projects that might be appropriate for Reinert Center Fellows are as follows:

  • Create an online resource or a set of research-based guides to help faculty identify specific strategies for advancing diversity and inclusion initiatives in their own courses.
  • Develop a workshop series for the Reinert Center focused on teaching international students, perhaps in collaboration with other campus units.
  • Develop a resource for the Reinert Center website that would help faculty design and teach graduate-level courses (including how they might differ from undergraduate courses).
  • Create a Google site (or other web-based tool) that can serve as a resource and repository for faculty interested in integrating Ignatian pedagogy into their teaching more intentionally and sharing materials with other like-minded faculty.
  • Develop a course re-design planning tool to help faculty to convert an existing lecture-based course to a more inquiry-based curriculum.
  • Prepare a white paper (considering existing research) that summarizes the literature on flipped classroom strategies, looking in particular at what makes this choice effective for student learning; conduct a teaching workshop or series of brown bag conversations on teaching to share lessons learned.
  • Identify strategies for effectively structuring team-based learning, with an emphasis on how best to assess and grade student collaborative work, and develop a teaching resource guide to disseminate this information to the larger SLU teaching community.
  • Conduct a study on the outcomes of a particular teaching strategy and present the findings as a workshop or facilitated discussion.

Benefits to Faculty

Benefits of serving as a Reinert Center Fellow include:

  • Professional development in an area of interest to the applicant focused on pedagogy, course design, and/or research on teaching and learning
  • The opportunity to create resources and/or programs that enhance or supplement the Reinert Center's current offerings
  • The opportunity to enhance pedagogical knowledge and skills among their colleagues in all disciplines
  • The opportunity to work closely with Reinert Center staff to develop skills and expertise on a topic of their choice
  • The potential for conference or other presentations (depending on the project)
  • Recognition as a Reinert Center Fellow
  • A stipend of $1,000 (to be disbursed at $500 per semester) to support development efforts and time commitment