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The Center offers a wide range of programs and services focused on enhancing teaching effectiveness, integrating learning technologies purposefully, and researching the impact of curricular and pedagogical choices. Services are available at no cost to individual full-time and adjunct faculty, graduate students, and other teaching staff, as well as for departments, programs, and schools/colleges at SLU. Some services and programs are also available to faculty and graduate students on SLU's Madrid campus; click here for more information about how Center services may be adapted for Madrid instructors.

Please note: All individual requests for services should be initiated by the individual instructor (not by a department chair or other administrator), and all services provided to individuals are confidential. For more on the importance of confidentiality in the Center, see our Confidentiality Statement.

Core programs and services include:

If you are interested in documenting your involvement with these programs and services, have a look at these suggestions.

Confidentiality Statement
Due to the personal nature of the work we do in the Center, particularly with full-time and adjunct faculty, individual teaching consultations are confidential and private, as are any materials generated in the course of these services. This means:

  • We see materials generated in the course of observations, consultations, and the like as the property of the individual instructor.
  • We do not report to or share with anyone - including a department chair, dean, or other University administrator - anything about individuals who seek services in the Center, including whether or not the person sought services in the first place.
  • We do not share materials generated in consultations, observations, focus groups, or other services. Individuals who wish to include reports or feedback generated from one of these services in annual reports, tenure and/or promotion packets, or the like, may use the copy provided to them at the time of the service..

Internally, Reinert Center staff may discuss particular cases and/or general trends in the support of individual faculty. We do so solely for the purpose of providing the best support possible to instructors.

The Reinert Center treats attendance at public events (such as teaching workshops offered through the Reinert Center) as a matter of public record.

Departments, programs, colleges, or schools wishing to engage Center staff in confidential consultations on behalf of the entire unit can simply ask that the content of the session be confidential.

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