Certificate in University Teaching Skills

The Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning enhances the quality of undergraduate and graduate education by offering two certificates for full- and part-time graduate students, faculty, and teaching staff: the Foundations Certificate in University Teaching Skills and the more comprehensive Certificate in University Teaching Skills. The Certificate in University Teaching Skills can be earned by participating in 15 Effective Teaching Credits, which include a variety of pedagogically-focused activities offered on a regular basis by the Reinert Center, as well as creating a professional teaching portfolio. Because this certificate is extensive, and is the result of an ongoing process of reflection, participants are required to allow a minimum of two semesters to complete it. Certificates are awarded twice a year, at the fall and spring semester Certificate Ceremonies.


The purpose of the Certificate in University Teaching Skills is to promote the development of faculty and graduate students in their journey toward transformative teaching. The certificate's requirements provide participants with pedagogical information to enhance their teaching practice, to draft and develop a philosophy of teaching, and to document teaching competencies.


The requirements for the Certificate in University Teaching Skills are designed to create the occasion for participants to meet the following objectives over the course of at least two semesters. Because of the inherent flexibility in the Certificate in University Teaching Skills, it is the participant's responsibility to choose from the range of Effective Teaching Credits offered in order to ensure he/she will meet all of the following objectives:

  • Identify and analyze different learning and teaching styles.
  • Discuss and apply various methods to assess student learning outcomes and teaching.
  • Consider productive faculty-student relationships.
  • Identify and integrate different uses of digital technology in teaching and learning.
  • Recognize different uses of service learning for discipline specific outcomes.
  • Acquire knowledge about fundamental classroom teaching skills, including lecturing, managing discussions, and other active, experiential, and collaborative learning techniques for a variety of teaching contexts and environments.
  • Design a discipline-specific course and syllabus with appropriate instructional methodology and measurable learning objectives.
  • Assemble a professional teaching portfolio that includes a statement of teaching philosophy and other pedagogical artifacts stemming from the program requirements that demonstrate their teaching competencies.
  • Reflect on the pedagogical practices of university instruction, and how the lessons taken from participating in certificate activities has changed one's relationship with teaching.


The requirements for completing the Certificate in University Teaching Skills can be found here.


In order to enroll in the Certificate, complete the Statement of Intent.

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