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Participants develop their pedagogical knowledge within the Certificate program by participating in Effective Teaching Seminars and by completing online seminars. Through these learning opportunities, Certificate participants will work toward fulfilling the Certificate Program Objectives.

Fall 2016 Seminars Schedule

Effective Teaching Seminars

Participants in both certificates must participate in Effective Teaching Seminars.

  • Intended Audience: All full- and part-time SLU faculty, graduate students, and teaching staff are welcome to attend.
  • Schedule: 4-6 ETS sessions are offered per semester. Each ETS is offered twice in one week on Tuesday from 1:30-3:00 p.m. and Friday from 1:30-3:00 p.m. We also offer 1-2 ETS sessions that partner with SLU Madrid per semester; these are generally offered on Wednesdays from 10:00-11:30 a.m., with limited seating available.

Effective Teaching Seminars are perhaps best thought of as graduate-level seminars or workshops, in which participants are actively engaged. ETS sessions provide opportunities for participants to:

  • enhance their understanding of what constitutes effective teaching
  • learn from an experienced faculty member or Reinert Center staff member
  • work collaboratively with each other
  • reflect on their own teaching practices

We encourage participants to spread out their ETS attendance over multiple semesters and to choose topics that are interesting and applicable to them in order to critically reflect on their own perspectives on various teaching topics and to consider new perspectives ideas from experienced teachers. For additional details, please review the ETS prompt in Program Requirements.

Online Seminars (for participants in the Certificate in University Teaching Skills)

Participants enrolled in the Certificate in University Teaching Skills after August 1, 2013, are required to take three online seminars in the following sequence:

  1. Teaching Philosophy- This online seminar leads participants through a set of writing exercises that culminate in a working draft of a statement of teaching philosophy.
  2. Course Design- This online seminar offers a starting point for principles of effective course design.
  3. Learning Technologies- In this online seminar participants will uncover how technology fits into their personal philosophy of teaching and will design course activities using learning technologies accordingly.

The sequencing of the seminars is an intentional scaffold and serves as a foundation for a statement of teaching philosophy, syllabus development, and the creation of course projects and assessments. The seminar sequence is offered once each semester and once over the summer. Participants are not required to take the seminars in a single semester. For example, a participant could take Teaching Philosophy in the fall semester and Course Design and Learning Technologies in the spring. Registration for these seminars is required and can be found on the Events page when registration is open.

Participants who have enrolled in Certificate Program prior to August 1, 2013, are required to take the Teaching Philosophy seminar. The Learning Technologies seminar is an elective. Participants do not need to take the Course Design seminar; it is neither required nor an elective.

If you enrolled in the program prior to August 1, 2013, and are interested in taking both Course Design and Learning Technologies seminars, we recommend you explore the new requirements and consider opting in to the new Certificate requirements.

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