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Certificate in University Teaching Skills Program Requirements

In order to continue offering a robust pedagogical program that meets the diverse and changing needs of the faculty and graduate students of Saint Louis University, we have updated and enhanced the requirements for the Certificates in University Teaching Skills.

Beginning August 2013, new participants enrolling in either certificate are required to follow the new guidelines. Previously enrolled participants have the choice to follow the old guidelines or the new guidelines; consulting with a Reinert Center staff member is recommended to determine which set of guidelines might be more beneficial to follow.

Click on the requirement links below to access descriptions, prompts, and guidelines.
(FC = Foundations Certificate, C = Certificate in University Teaching Skills)

Statement of Intent (FC, C)

Master Checklist Post-August 2013 (C)
Master Checklist Pre-August 2013 (C)
Side-by-side comparison of changes (FC, C)

Effective Teaching Seminars (FC, C)
Effective Teaching Seminars Tracking Sheet (FC)
Effective Teaching Seminars Substitution Policy (FC, C)
Online Seminars (C)
Service-Learning Independent Study (C)

Pedagogical Reading (C)
Video Recording of Teaching (C)
Faculty Mentor Meetings (C)
Faculty Mentor Agreement Form (C)
Faculty Mentor Feedback (Video Recording of Teaching) Form (C)

Teaching Portfolio Contents
Teaching Portfolio (C)
Curriculum Vitae (C)
Statement of Teaching Philosophy (C)
Course Development (C)
Learning Technologies (C)
Reflection on Teaching Feedback (C)
Reflection on Teaching Development (C)
Peer Observation Form (C)
Teaching Portfolio Rubric (C)

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