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Development Opportunities for SLU's Madrid Campus

Most of the Reinert Center's core services are available for faculty and graduate instructors on SLU's Madrid campus, though some services may require small modifications to accommodate distance and time differences.  Additionally, limited access to certain core programs also may be available to SLU Madrid faculty.  If you're on the Madrid campus and wondering how the Reinert Center might serve you, please contact us for more information at


Core Services

The following services are available upon request.  They are formative in nature and are confidential. (To read our confidentiality statement, click this link.)

Individual Teaching Consultations 

Madrid faculty and graduate instructors may request a teaching consultation with a Reinert Center staff member.  Consultations may be conducted virtually, using Fuze meeting or other videoconferencing tool, as well as by phone.  Consultations may focus on any teaching-related topic the instructor chooses.  Common consultation topics include: strategies for getting students engaged in class discussions, student evaluation results, rubric and assessment design.

Video Review of Teaching 

While Reinert Center staff members cannot conduct classroom observations in Madrid as they do on the St. Louis campus, they can view a video recorded class and offer similar kinds of formative feedback.  Staff members may be able to provide insight on faculty-student interactions, questioning skills, class organization, and other things, depending on what is observable in the recording.

Mid-Semester Student Feedback Sessions (Asynchronous) 

On the St. Louis campus, Reinert Center staff members conduct mid-semester focus groups with students at a faculty member or graduate instructor's request.  While we cannot replicate exactly this face-to-face experience for Madrid courses, we can facilitate an asynchronous feedback experience modeled on the mid-semester focus groups.  Using the process we developed for online courses, we conduct a two-phased survey that asks the same questions as our focus groups - What is working effectively for your learning in this class? and What suggestions do you have that could improve your learning in this class?  Having collected the anonymous feedback, we can then group responses to help instructors identify patterns and consider any needed adjustments going forward.  The purpose of these sessions is strictly formative.  This service may only be requested by the faculty member / graduate instructor who wishes to receive the feedback; results are anonymous and confidential and are shared only with the requesting instructor.


Core Programs

In addition to these core services, Madrid faculty also may be able to participate in some limited programming, such as the Certificate Program, the Reinert Center Faculty Fellowships, and the Try It! Summer Mini-Grant program.
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