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Graduate Experiential Learning

Graduate students in pursuit of a master's degree need not fulfill experiential learning coursework, though they are welcome to pursue experiential learning if they so choose.

It is strongly recommended, though not required, that American Studies doctoral students participate in an experiential learning option. They are encouraged either to pursue the Center for Teaching Excellence certification process or to organize and complete an internship for formal course credit. Doctoral students who plan to teach someday generally elect CTE certification, while those envisioning future careers in public humanities frequently arrange an internship.

Option 1: Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) Certificate

For the CTE certification guidelines, go to the Reinert Center for Teaching Excellence site.

Option 2: Internship

An internship is treated like a 3-credit course, requiring a minimum of 50 hours per each credit, or 10 hours per week. All internships will be designed in close consultation with the department's internship advisor and participating organizations or institutions. The internship plan should be discussed and approved at least five months prior to the internship's start date. St. Louis is rich in important institutions in which American Studies students have held internships, including: the Art Museum, the Botanical Gardens, the History Museum, the Missouri Historical Society Research Center, the Circuit Court Records Project, the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, the International Institute, the Contemporary Art Museum, and the City Museum—just to name a few.

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