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Matthew Mancini, Ph.D.

Matthew Mancini    

Matthew Mancini, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of American Studies

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Ph.D., American Studies, Emory University
A.B., Fordham University

Courses Taught


ASTD 5000 – Perspectives in American Studies
ASTD 5001 – Introduction to American Studies 
ASTD 5300 – Cultures of the American South
ASTD 5400 – Tocqueville's America
ASTD 5900 – The Practice of American Studies
ASTD 5930 – Historical Classics and the American Studies Tradition
ASTD 5930 – Reading Moby Dick
ASTD 6000 – Mythbusting and Mythmaking in Recent American Studies Scholarship


ASTD 3000 – American Decades: The 1890s—Decade of Crisis
ASTD 3400 – Prisons in American Culture
ASTD 4960 – Senior Capstone

Research Interests

Dr. Mancini is the author of Alexis de Tocqueville and American Intellectuals: From His Times to Ours; One Dies, Get Another: Convict Leasing in the American South, 1866–1928; and Alexis de Tocqueville. He coedited Understanding Maritain about the great French Catholic philosopher Jacques Maritain; and he has published numerous articles on subjects ranging from convict labor to Melville's Moby-Dick.

Professional Experience

Dr. Mancini has considerable experience in international education. In 1994–1995, he held the Salgo Chair in American Studies at the Eötvös Loránd University (the University of Budapest). The Eötvös University, founded In 1635, is Hungary's leading university and an important center for American Studies in Central Europe. He also spent a year as Fulbright Senior Lecturer in American Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University. In Hungary, he served on the board of directors of the Hungarian-American Fulbright Association, an ambassadorial appointment. Dr. Mancini also taught at Rice University, where he was Visiting Associate Professor of History; and at Mercer University in Atlanta, where he was Associate Professor of History, chair of the Division of Social Sciences, and co-founder of a program of college education for prisoners. He has also been a Faculty Research Fellow at the Murphy Institute of Political Economy at Tulane University. Before arriving in St. Louis, he was professor of history at Missouri State University and chair of that department from 1991 to 1997. At SLU, Dr. Mancini was chair of the American Studies Department for fifteen years, from 2000 to 2015.

Curriculum Vitae

Past Publications

Alexis de Tocqueville & American IntellectualsOne Dies, Get Another

Alexis de TocquevilleUnderstanding Maritain

Recent Articles

"Francis Lieber, Slavery, and the ‘Genesis' of the Laws of War," Journal of Southern History,
77, no. 2 (May 2011), 325–48.

"From Oblivion to Apotheosis: The Ironic Journey of Alexis de Tocqueville," Journal of American
Studies 45, no. 1 (February 2011), 21–37.

"Too Many Tocquevilles: The Fable of Tocqueville's American Reception," Journal of the History of
Ideas 69, no. 2 (April 2008): 245–68.


Dr. Mancini is former president of both the Mid-America American Studies Association and the Southern American Studies Association. He is also a member of the major professional associations for historians, as well as of the American Catholic Historical Association and the ASA.

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