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Missouri History Museum

American Studies students benefit from the facilities of an urban research university. They have access to excellent library and computer facilities, the extensive audio and visual equipment of the Instructional Media Center, training and certification by the Reinert Center for Teaching Excellence, and grant and scholarship assistance from the Graduate School Office of Research Services.

Graduate students also benefit from the rich archival and institutional resources of a large city. The Department maintains relationships with sites such as the Missouri Historical Society, the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, the Circuit Court Records Project, the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, the Sheldon Galleries, the Contemporary Art Museum, the Saint Louis Art Museum, the Missouri Botanical Gardens, and the Historic Landmarks Association.

Whether focused on careers in the academy, social advocacy, public policy, government, media, or cultural resource management, students find in the department a community of scholars engaged with research, teaching, and professional service. Students also find resources designed to complement their specific interests and goals and to develop their academic skills.

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