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SLU American Studies Graduate Research Advancement Fund

In Fall 2012, the Department of American Studies established the Graduate Research Advancement Fund to support travel by current doctoral students to conduct archival or other essential research for Ph.D. dissertations. Grants totaling up to $1,000 per year, with a maximum per recipient of $500, will be awarded. Doctoral students are eligible to apply if they have completed all requirements for the degree except for the dissertation. These funds have been allocated to the department by the Office of Graduate Education in SLU's Office of Academic Affairs, because American Studies is participating in a research project to determine the effectiveness of the Personal Potential Index in the evaluation of graduate applications. The department is pleased to devote these monies to the support of excellence in graduate student research.

The department faculty will review applications for the awards twice per year: in fall and in spring. Awards will be made in the spring semester only if the Advancement Fund has not been exhausted during the preceding fall semester's application cycle.

Application due-dates are October 1 (for the fall-semester award cycle) and February 1 (for the spring-semester award cycle). If a listed due-date falls on a weekend or a University holiday, applications will instead be due on the University's next regular business day.

Applications will be considered on a competitive basis. To apply, send to the department chairperson a proposal containing:
- Your name and contact information
- The title of your dissertation and a brief dissertation abstract
- Projected dates of travel
- The archive(s) you will visit or the other research activity requiring travel
- Which collections you expect to examine, or what other primary sources you expect to consult or collect, and an explanation of these sources' relevance to your project
- An itemized funding request, along with a basic budget showing cost estimates for travel, lodging, and research expenses

Travel expenses are on a reimbursement basis, and award recipients should coordinate with the department administrative secretary before incurring any expenses for which they expect reimbursement. All funded travel must be completed within six months of the original application due-date for the semester in which the student applied. Recipients must submit a one-page report to the department chairperson within one month of the completion of the funded travel.

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