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Undergraduate Programs in American Studies

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The Department of American Studies at Saint Louis University offers courses, internships, and thesis projects leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree. American Studies also makes an excellent minor to accompany a range of majors. Even if you are not a major or minor in the department, you will find many exciting and challenging courses available every semester.

What are American Studies Classes Like?

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When you take our undergraduate courses in American Studies, you will study America through its diverse politics, religions, ethnic groups, intellectual debates, landscapes, and creative expressions.

You will also study the major problems at the core of our history, including slavery, racism, gender oppression, imperialism, class conflict, and the removal of native peoples.

From the very first course to the very last, students encounter sources such as autobiographies, sermons, poems, speeches, magazines, census records, maps, drawings, court documents, photographs, paintings, advertisements, television programs, parades, movies, buildings, and songs.

Careers for American Studies Graduates

An American Studies degree is a great path into liberal arts graduate programs, law school, and even medical school. American Studies graduates are well-rounded, creative thinkers who are prepared for a wide range of challenges. The following list is a just a small sample of jobs where you will find American Studies graduates:

  • Professor
  • Curator
  • Exhibit Designer
  • Foundation Director
  • Grant Writer
  • Housing Advocate
  • Journalist
  • Labor Organizer
  • Lawyer 
  • Public Policy Analyst
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Radio Producer
  • Minister
  • Politician
  • Priest
  • Speech Writer
  • Teacher
  • Web Designer
  • Arts Educator
  • Book Editor
Who are American Studies Majors?

American Studies majors are creative and independent thinkers.

They are students who desire the freedom to follow personal interests and passions, seeking a comprehensive way of looking at the world. American Studies students learn how to ask sophisticated questions about the world around them, while skillfully drawing on a wide range of methodologies and content sources.

They learn to take a fresh and exciting look at American life, politics, law, identities, ideas, faiths, aesthetics, social relations, and creative expressions.

By the time our majors graduate, they have learned a variety of ways to frame questions about American culture, they have examined various research methods in the humanities and social sciences, and they have conducted an original thesis project drawing upon knowledge and skills acquired within the program.

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