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Dr. Allison Miller, - Ph.D. Washington University

Associate Professor - Department of Biology
Research Associate - Missouri Botanical Garden

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Contact Information:
Phone: (314) 977-7653
Fax: (314) 977-3658
Mail: Department of Biology, St. Louis University, 3507 Laclede Ave. St. Louis, MO 63103-2010

Courses: Principles of Biology II (BIOL 106), Evolutionary Biology (BIOL 301), Biology of Plants and Fungi (BIOL 326), Applied Population Genetics (BIOL 458/558), Graduate Seminar (BIOL 584)

Research Interests:  My research program focuses on plant evolutionary biology and population genomics. Our long-term goals are to advance understanding of basic evolutionary processes in plants, and to use this information to contribute to crop improvement and the conservation of plant genomic resources. To this end, our research addresses both contemporary and historical evolutionary processes in plants. Underlying questions driving our research include: What is the genetic basis of adaptation? How do plants evolve in response to natural and human-mediated selection pressures? How are plant species responding to global environmental change? Much of our work focuses on crop plants and their wild relatives, with current projects focusing on grape, horseradish, pecan, as well as big bluestem and kudzu.

Research Opportunities: I am looking for motivated undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral scholars to join the lab group. Our research focuses on population genomics and comparative transcriptomics, but integrates this work with a broad range of other approaches including ethnobotany, evolutionary ecology, field botany, flow cytometry, GIS analysis, morphology, and pollination biology. If you are interested in plant evolution, conservation, and/or sustainable agriculture and would like to learn more about opportunities to get involved in our research, please contact me.

Selected Publications (Saint Louis Univeristy *Graduate student, ** Undergraduate student):

Callen, S. T., L. L. Klein*, and A. J. Miller. Climatic niche characterization of 13 North American Vitis species. In Press, American Journal of Enology and Viticulture.

DeHaan, L. VanTassel, D., Anderson, J., Asselin, S. Barnes, R., Baute G., Cattani, G., Culman, S., Dorn, K., Hulke, B. Kantar, M., Larson, S., Marks, M., Miller, A., Poland, J., Ravetta, D., Rude, E., Ryan, M., Wyse, D., and Zhang X. A pipeline strategy for crop domestication. In Press, Crop Science.

Warschefsky, E., L. Klein*, E. von Wettberg, D. Chitwood, M. Frank, J. Londo, and A.J. Miller. Rootstocks: diversity, domestication, and impacts on shoot phenotypes. In Press, Trends in Plant Science.

Maimaitiyiming*, M., A.J. Miller, and A. Wulamu. Discriminating spectral signatures among and within two closely related grapevine species. In Press, Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing.

Chitwood, D.H., L.L. Klein*, R O'Hanlon**, S. Chacko**, M. Greg**, C. Kitchen**, A.J. Miller and J. P. Londo. 2015 Leaves as composites of latent developmental and evolutionary shapes. New Phytologist. doi:10.1111/nph.13754.

Pap, D. J. Londo, A.J. Miller, and L. Kovacs. 2015. Population structure of Vitis rupestris, an important but vanishing resource for grape breeding. American Journal of Viticulture and Enology epub ahead of print June 19, 2015 doi:10.5344/ajev.2015.15012.

Pell, S.K., J.D. Mitchell, and A.J. Miller. Anacardiaceae. In Flora of North America. Accepted.

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Callen*, S.T. and A. J. Miller. 2015. Signatures of niche conservatism and niche shift in the North American kudzu (Pueraria montana) invasion. Diversity and Distributions DOI: 10.1111/ddi.12341.

McAllister*, C., R Blaine, P. Kron, B. Bennett, H. Garrett, J. Kidson, B. Matzenbacher, A. Glotzbach, and A.J. Miller. 2015. Environmental correlates of cytotype distribution in Andropogon gerardii. American Journal of Botany 102(1): 92 - 102.

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Gross, B. L. and A. J. Miller. 2014. From field to table: perspectives and potential for perennial fruit domestication. Proceedings from the Perennial Crop Workshop, Food and Agriculture Organization.

Albrecht, M. A., L.A. Broecker**, C. Romero-Hernandez*, and A. J. Miller. 2014. Conservation genetics of edaphic endemics in naturally isolated habitats: a case study with Geocarpon minimum (Caryophyllaceae). In Press, Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society.

Miller, A.J., N. Matasci, H. Schwaninger, M. Aradhya, B. Prins, G.-Y. Zhong, C. Simon, E. Buckler, and S. Myles. 2013. Vitis phylogenomics: hybridization intensities from a SNP array outperform genotype calls. PLoS One 8(11): e78680.

Miller, A. J. 2012. Out of the cold- how big and how old? Genetic fingerprinting reveals how long-lived individuals withstand climatic oscillations in the arctic-alpine. Molecular Ecology 21(5): 1036-7.

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Sampliner, D.S*. and A.J. Miller. 2009. Ethnobotany of horseradish: reproductive biology and local uses of Armoracia species (Brassicaceae) in their native ranges. Economic Botany 63(3): 303-313.

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