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Proposed World Aquarium development offers future opportunities for Biology students.

Recent Faculty Grants

Gerardo Camilo received $22,480 from NSF to study Intellectual Imperatives in Ethnobiology Research

Abstract: Ethnobiology is a field growing rapidly in research and in student and public interest within the US and globally. There is an immediate need in Ethnobiology to define and focus research objectives; to explore modern methodology appropriate for studying plant/animal-people interactions; to quantitatively analyze our multidisciplinary data based on hypotheses; to develop interdisciplinary education models to train students and practitioners of ethnobiology; and to access academic funding sources free of controlling agenda. To facilitate the growth and maturation of ethnobiology, and to seek academic institutional funding sources, we are proposing a workshop to address research, methodology, analysis, education, and funding within ethnobiology. The immediate results of the workshop will be published in an Ethnobiology bulletin to focus research, to support methodologies, to encourage quantitative modeling analyses, to structure interdisciplinary education, and to solicit funding; the long-term results we anticipate are to identify and support a developing field in research and with interdisciplinary, academic sources of funding.

20th Annual Graduate Student Association Research Symposium

Date:  Friday, April 11th, 2014

Location: Busch Student Center

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