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Senior Inquiry Program

An explanation of requirements

In addition to the seven General Graduation Requirements, Biology students should be aware of the two following Senior Biology courses:

Senior Inquiry: For the B.S. Biology Major only, completing one of the four Senior Inquiry options is required. Senior Inquiry credit hours count toward the minimum 35 upper division Biology credit hours required for a B.S. Note that a maximum of four credit hours of research (BIOL 496 or BIOL 498) can count toward these 35 upper division Biology credit hours. Research credit hours over this limit will be counted as general electives.

Senior Inquiry course and credit hour options are:

  • BIOL 480 Internship in Conservation
  • BIOL 481 Integrative Bioinformatics Internship
  • BIOL 482 Internship of Plant Science
  • BIOL 497 Library Project and Thesis (1-3)
  • BIOL 489 Comprehensive Examination (0)
  • BIOL 498 Research Project (1-3)
  • BIOL 5XXGraduate Level Course in Biology (1-4)

Pre-requisite for BIOL 498: a minimum of 6 credit hours of upper-division (300-Level and above)

Senior Residency: For all graduating seniors (B.S, B.A or Minor in Biology) registering for the Senior Residency for 0 credit hours is required during the semester, that upon completion, the student intends to graduate. The sole purpose of this course is to inform the College of Arts and Sciences that the student is graduating but does not require the student to attend any classes or receive a grade.

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