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Istvan Z. Kiss, PhD

Arts & Sciences Professor of Chemistry

Contact Information

227 Monsanto Hall
Department of Chemistry
Saint Louis University
3501 Laclede Ave
St. Louis, MO  63103

Career History

Arts & Sciences Professor of Chemistry, 2015-Present
Associate Professor St. Louis University, 2014-2015
Assistant Professor St. Louis University, 2007-2014
Research Scientist University of Virginia, 2003-2007


Diploma (M.Sc.), Chemistry, University of Debrecen, 1995
Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Debrecen, 2000
Postdoctoral Study, Chemical Eng., University of Virginia, 2000-2003


The Kiss group investigates kinetic features of surface chemical reactions using nonlinear dynamics. The effects of formation of self-organized structures (such as oscillations and pattern formation) are explored on the reactive properties of complex electrochemical systems. The emergence of collective phenomena is studied in strongly correlated multiparticle systems that operate far beyond equilibrium. The projects are based on recurring fundamental scientific problems in electroanalytical chemistry utilizing multi-electrodes, in design specifics of industrial cells, and in biofuel cell technology:

Synchronization dynamics (emergence of coherence, dynamical differentiation, synchronization engineering) of rhythmic electrochemical systems:  We construct networks of electrochemical units whose temporal response is deciphered using nonlinear dynamics. Networks of several topologies are created with electrode arrays. Pacemakers are implemented in the networks to control the dynamics of the electrochemical reactions.

Dynamics of micro-electrode networks: Microelectrodes with lab-on-chip integrated devices form emergent networks whose structure is explored. The connection between reaction dynamics and the underlying geometrical features of spatially organized reactive electrochemical media is revealed.

Circadian rhythms: We also carry out simulation studies with circadian rhythms to decode the complex sleep-wake cycle of animals and plants under strongly varying conditions.

More information is available on the Kiss Group Website.


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