Saint Louis University

Paul A. Jelliss, PhD

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Integrated and Applied Sciences Program Director

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CH.A161, CH.A162, CH.A413, CH.A414, MCAT
CH.A512, CH.A515, CH.A519

Contact Information

Monsanto Hall 114

Office Hours

MTWR 2:00-3:00 pm

Career History

Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, group of Welch Chair Professor F. Gordon A. Stone, Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Baylor University (1993-2000);
Visiting Lecturer, Baylor University (2000);
Assistant Professor, Saint Louis University (2000-present);
Graduate Program Director in Chemistry (2004)


BSc(hons) in Chemistry, University of Bristol (1990);
PhD in Inorganic Chemistry, University of Bristol (1993)


My group's research involves the study of organometallic complexes in two areas:

Metallacarborane chemistry (complexes with boron cage ligands);

Metal alkylidyne chemistry (complexes with metal-carbon triple bonds).

Our objectives are essentially three-fold: synthesize the complexes, characterize them using techniques such as IR, NMR, UV-vis spectroscopy, and then analyze them for properties that are rarely studied in these two classes of complex, namely electrochemical activity and/or photoluminescence. Such complexes may ultimately be useful for sensing or LED technologies.

Read more about my research and get a list of all of my current publications at this link.