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Welcome to the Martin group website.  Any questions about our group can be directed to Scott Martin at or 314-977-2836.  There are openings for new undergraduate and graduate students!

Martin Group


Current Research Group

Chengpeng Chen, Ph.D.


Chengpeng is a postdoc, assisting Dr. Martin mentor the group. He also instructs analytical chemistry lectures (CHEM 4200/5200, and CHEM 2200). After he acquired his B.S. in Marine Chemistry (Chemical Oceanography) in 2011, he joined Michigan State University, where he acquired his Ph.D. degree in 2015 in Analytical Chemistry, under the guidance of Dr. Dana Spence. His research interests focus on 3D-printed fluidic devices for integrative and high throughput analysis; novel 3D-printed bioreactor for organs-on-a-chip studies; bioenginnering techniques; and cell analysis.

When he is has some spare time, he likes working out, jogging, painting, sketching, tennis, hiking, piano and lots of other things. He becomes interested in oriental martial arts recently, especially kendo. Contact Chengpeng at

Alexandra D. Townsend


Ali is currently a 2nd year graduate student. She acquired her B.S. in Chemistry from Saint Louis University.Her research interests are microfluidic and 3D-printed devices for near-real-time and simultaneous detection of neurotransmitters, specifically nitric oxide from endothelial cells and norepinephrine and ATP from sympathetic nerves.

When she is not working, she enjoys road trips, being outdoors and spending time with her dog. Contact Ali at

Akash Munshi


Akash is currently a 3rd year graduate student. He acquired his B.S. in Biochemistry and a MS in Chemistry before joining SLU. His research includes the use of 3D-printing technology to create microfluidic devices used in electrochemical detection.

Without working, he is an avid painter, with a soft spot for painting portraits in charcoal. Contact Akash at

Benjamin T. Mehl


Ben is currently a 3rd year graduate student. He acquired his B.S. in Chemistry at Eastern Illinois University. He is currently working on developing microfluidic platforms utilizing microchip and capillary electrophoresis for improved separation of analytes. He is also pursuing microfluidic based strategies for integration of immobilized cell lines for analyzing cellular release, specifically focusing on separation and detection of catecholamines released from PC12 neural mimics.

After work, he likes working out and staying in shape, basically so he can eat what he wants. He also likes watching Cardinal baseball and enjoying the occasional local craft beer. Contact Ben at

Melissa Kimlinger


Missy is currently an undergraduate student at SLU. Her current project is optimization of a 3D-printed device for capillary electrophoresis. The objective of this device is to simplify the processes of separation and detection by use of "plug in" electrodes. The decoupler and detection electrodes used are embedded inside of plastic fittings, which can then fit into custom 3D-printed channels.

R. Scott Martin

Leader of the pack.  Contact Scott -

Previous Students and Current Location

Michelle Kovarik (BS 2004), Ph.D. Indiana University, currently post-doc at UNC-Chapel Hill
Mike Gangel (BA 2004), M.D. Saint Louis University
Anna Kinsella (BS 2006), MS Indiana University, currently high school teacher
Courtney Kuhnline (BA 2005), Ph.D. from University of Kansas, currently post-doc at University of Illinois
Mike Moehlenbrock (BA 2005, MS 2007), received Ph.D. in 2011, currently at Sigma-Aldrich
Alex Price (MS 2005), Ph.D., Kansas State University, currently post-doc at Scripps-Florida
Maria Thorson (BA 2005), graduate program, University of Kansas
Neil Munjal (BS 2008), medical school, Washington University

Dr. Matt Hulvey (Ph.D. 2008), AHA post-doctoral fellow, University of Kansas, currently research scientist at Akermin, St. Louis

Dr. Michelle Li Lugus (Ph.D. 2008), Senior Scientist, Warner Babcock Institute, Boston

Dr. Laura Mecker (Ph.D. 2009), research scientist, FDA-St. Louis

Laura Mecker

Nick Batz (MS 2009), currently working on Ph.D. at UNC-Chapel Hill

Nick Batz

Amanda Bowen (M.S. 2009), science software support specialist, Monsanto, St. Louis

Amanda Bowen


Christiana Antwi (M.S. 2011), most recently research scientist at Saint Louis University


Laura Filla (B.A. 2009, M.S. 2011), formerly scientist at Monsanto, currently in Ph.D. program with Dr. James Edwards at SLU


Doug Kirkpatrick (B.S. 2011), currently working on Ph.D. at UNC-Chapel Hill


Steven Doonan (BS 2014) Graduate Student at the University of Illinois

Steven Doonan

Vedada Ibisevic (MS 2014) Instructor at Maryville University


Alicia Johnson (PhD 2014) Scientist at the FDA


Amber Pentecost (MS 2015) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


Asmira Alagic (PhD 2014) Assistant Professor at Saint Louis University


Research Description

My group's research involves the use of microchip-based analytical devices to study various biological systems. Students in my group receive a broad base of training in analytical chemistry as well as biology and engineering. We use flow-based analysis, electrophoresis, electrochemistry and fluorescence to probe and monitor various biological systems. Current projects include: 1) the development of a microchip-based blood brain barrier (BBB) mimic to study the effect of nitric oxide (NO) on the integrity of the BBB; 2) development of a microchip-based analysis system/reactor system to study the effect of NO on the onset of Parkinson's disease; 3) development of new microchip and electrochemical materials to enable the detection of NO release from endothelial cells. We currently have research support for the NIH.

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