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Ryan D. McCulla, PhD

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Contact Information

203 Monsanto Hall

Career History

Postdoctoral Researcher, Dept. of Chemistry, The Ohio State University (2005-2007)


Ph.D. in Chemistry, Iowa State University (2005)
B.Sc. in Chemistry, Southwest Minnesota State University (2000)


My group's research focuses on using photochemistry to investigate interesting problems in biological, chemical and medical sciences.  Thus, our investigations traverse a range of areas that include organic photochemistry, computational chemistry, biochemistry, synthesis, and spectroscopy.  Thus, the students in my group receive training in a broad assortment of techniques associated with physical organic chemistry and biotechnology.  Currently, we have two active research projects.  First, we are seeking exploit photoactivatable aryl sulfoxides, which are believed to release atomic oxygen, to investigate the chemistry of biologically important sulfenic acids.  Sulfenic acids are intermediates in redox processes within cells; however most sulfenic acids cannot be isolated, which makes studying their reactivity challenging.  Secondly, we are investigating the photoredox properties of conjugated polymers in order to develop more environmentally friendly organic reactions.  I also am interested exploring how computational chemistry can be used to improve education.  The goal is to use the ability of computational chemistry to rapidly generate data in order to unlock the creativity of students while learning concepts in chemistry.

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