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Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry

The BA program in Biochemistry is designed for students interested in applications of chemistry to the life sciences and in preparation for professional schools, such as medicine, dentistry, law, and pharmacy. This degree provides sufficient rigor to prepare students for graduate school in biochemistry, graduate medical training programs in a variety of areas, and in chemistry.

Degree Requirements

First Year:
Fall Semester
General Chemistry I Lecture CHEM 167 3 hours
General Chemistry I Laboratory CHEM 165 1 hour
Calculus I MATH 142 4 hours
Principles of Biology I BIOL 104 4 hours
Spring Semester
General Chemistry II Lecture CHEM 168 3 hours
General Chemistry II Laboratory CHEM 166 1 hour
Calculus II MATH 143 4 hours
Principles of Biology II BIOL 106 4 hours
First Year Mentoring CHEM 195 0 hours
Second Year:
Fall Semester
Organic Chemistry I Lecture CHEM 346 3 hours
Organic Chemistry Lab Techniques I CHEM 348 1 hour
Analytical Chemistry I CHEM 320 2 hours
Analytical Chemistry I lab CHEM 322 2 hours
Spring Semester
Organic Chemistry II Lecture CHEM 347 3 hours
Organic Chemistry Lab Techniques II CHEM 350 1 hours
Sophomore Mentoring CHEM 293 0 hours
Third Year:
Fall Semester
Biochemistry I CHEM 462 3 hours
Biochemistry Lab I CHEM 463 1 hour
Engineering Physics I lecture+lab* PHYS 161/162 4 hours
Spring Semester
Biochemistry II CHEM 464 3 hours
Engineering Physics II lecture+lab* PHYS 163/164 4 hours
Junior Mentoring CHEM 393 0 hours
Fourth Year:
Fall Semester
Physical Chemistry I**, CHEM 333, or
     Chemistry (300+ level) Elective
CHEM XXX 3 hours
BIOL 303 (Genetics) or Approved Upper
     Division Biology Elective***
BIOL XXX 3 hours
Spring Semester
Physical Chemistry II**, CHEM 334, or
     Chemistry (300+ level) Elective 
CHEM XXX 3 hours
Chemistry (300+ level) Elective CHEM XXX 3 hours
Senior Residency CHEM 495 0 hours

*Engineering Physics I & II with lab are recommended.
Physics I & II (PHYS 131, 132, 133, and 134)
also fulfill this requirement.

**One Semester of Physical Chemistry is required
**BIOL 303 or another Upper Division (300+)
   Biology course may be taken.  Approval
   from Biology Department and Chemistry
   faculty mentor is required.
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