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Integrated Advising and Mentoring

The Department of Chemistry has developed a mentoring program as part of the Integrated Advising and Mentoring system at Saint Louis University. The Department's Mentoring plan is fully described here. The basic goal of the Mentoring Program is for faculty to guide students in the major not only so they stay on track to graduate, but also discuss research opportunities, internships, and other career-related opportunities. We want students to be aware of the opportunities available for work/study after graduation, and how to plan for these.

Key components to the Mentoring Program are the zero credit enrollments in CHEM 195 (First Year Mentoring) and CHEM 295 (Second Year Mentoring) as identified in the major curriculum plans. These enrollments consist of a one- time meeting in which all the students attend a group mentoring session. In the First Year session, faculty discuss the major requirements, present the curriculum plans, answer questions, and meet their mentees. In the Second Year Meeting the faculty provide updates to curriculum plans and discuss opportunities for undergraduate research. Students are also required to meet with their faculty mentor and outline their curriculum plan both freshmen and sophomore year to fulfill the requirements for this enrollment.

For those transfer students not able to participate in CHEM 195 and 295, we have a Transfer Student mentoring enrollment (CHEM 395) which is offered each semester. Transfer students will also participate in a mentoring session as a group and with their assigned faculty mentor.

Completion of CHEM 195 AND 295, OR 395, is required for graduation.

Department of Chemistry Mentoring Plan

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