Saint Louis University

Laboratory assistantships are available for especially qualified undergraduates. Laboratory assistants are used in teaching labs to help with grading and supervision of laboratory classes. This position is a very responsible one. Assistants must be familiar with the techniques and calculations used in the experiments and be capable of on-the-spot problem solving to help students with their experiments.

The duties of a student laboratory assistant include, supervising of the actual laboratory, grading the experimental write-ups, assisting with the grading of exams, and being available for after-class help sessions. These assistantships are an excellent way to reinforce and expand the depth of your basic chemistry experience. Stipends for a laboratory assistantship will vary, depending on the course. Typically, the range is $700.00 to $850.00 per semester.

Students interested in becoming Lab Assistants should inquire in the Department Office, 125 Monsanto Hall.